Hoopa Unbound

We’ve all known it’s coming but now we know when. As a PvE mon I’m really excited for it.

My Hoopa has 11a IV but such is life. Seems like it slots in first on the (non shadow) “vs Ghosts and Psychic team”

It’s got 10 base attack on Mewtwo, but the Dark subtyping removes the resistance to Fighting plus Psychic as best Charge Move likely leaves it behind Psystrike Mewtwo in DPS (its also slightly glassier too I think).

On the dark side, it’s 25 base attack above Darkrai with identical bulk. My amateur googling seems to show it has a similar movepool on the dark side to Darkrai, for which the consensus seems to be performs better with Shadow Ball than Dark Pulse.

Seeing as niantic are allergic to releasing more than one signature move per orbit of the sun, I can’t see anything else topping that but still, what a nice surprise when so many times niantic manage to disappoint.

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For Mewtwo, yes absolutely true, Hoopa os gonna be right between Psychic and Psystrike Mewtwo, with slightly less bulk. Fun fact, as a Psychic slayer, it probably won‘t be that good. Currently, Hoopa can‘t learn any Dark Fast Moves, which means it‘ll be stuck with Astonish/Shadow Ball, so a double Non-STAB set. Even funnier fact, it doesn‘t even best it‘s own confined form in terms of DPS (they‘re pretty much on par), so it‘s only niche is its typing granting it a massive resistance against Psychic moves. Against anything neutral against both forms, they perform the same. So we either need GameFreak to update Hoopas movepool (let‘s hope the upcoming Home compatibility for BDSP does something) or Niantic needs to make Hyperspace Fury pretty strong.

Funniest fact I learned today: due to Night Slash being so weak (or rather Hydro Cannon being so strong), Ash-Greninja will perform against targets weak to Dark and neutral against Water best with Feint Attack/Hydro Cannon. Unrelated to the Hoopa topic, but I found that rather funny :sweat_smile:



For £¿€&'s sake, I never thought to check the fast move. I am considerably less excited now. Niantic/Gamefreak have indeed managed to disappoint.

That is funny, I like stuff like that, like a starter version of SB M2 in 2017.

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Yeah… sorry about that. Been eyeing with Hoopa myself already, even before it was released, and that immediately came across my mind. Would‘ve liked it to be good too. Maybe the Home Compatibility will grant Hoopa something, because I feel like Hoopa could definitely use Hex if it got the chance to learn it. And for Hoopa-U, I feel like it could at least get Feint Attack (Bite is unlikely, Snarl maybe a bit too good for Go, and Sucker Punch maybe a bit too good for the main games, in my opinion).

And yeah, Ash-Greninja is gonna hype. Can‘t wait until we finally get it.

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It’s more glassy than Mega Gengar, so I don’t expect it to perform well actually. Mega Swampert is much better as an all-round choice.

Greninja and Gengar are about the same bit (un)bulky though? Gengar may have around 40 more points in defense than Greninja, but less HP, which results in around the same bulk when they‘re put on the same DPS level (Shadow Claw/Shadow Punch Mega Gengar vs. Feint Attack/Night Slash Gren in this example). Gengar goes down just as fast as Gren, Gren even pulls ahead against Psychic and Ghost moves due to it‘s resistance, while Gengar drops fast against those. And those are the most common attacking types for Darks and Ghosts main targets. Gengar only has notably more DPS due to it‘s moveset, which of course results in higher TDO.

And on the Mega Swampert thing, yeah, Swampert is way bulkier, but Gren still has quite a bit more DPS to partially make up for that. So I‘d say Gren still performs very well, even if it‘s main role will be to be the opener in the raid.

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Ash Greninja’s defense is the same as Mega Gengar’s HP, but its HP is lower than Mega Gengar’s defense. So I said Ash Greninja is more glassy. But its typing is a bit better, since Gengar is almost always weak to its targets’ STAB moves.

I’ll see what the ticket actually gives you, might not buy it at all. Presumably you’ll still be able to switch formes.

I get what @Elastic_Space says but I agree, Ash-Greninja is still an exciting prospect. So little to look forward to in the PvE game I want to make the most of anything that’s coming.

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If you did the 16 stages on time, wasn’t the research free?

But you had to “waste” the radar for shadow Lugia. Many people didn’t on purpose, i think @Oaf as well.

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Niantic thinks that such IVs motivate people to waste dust on form changes?

I think I’ll pass

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Quite many people care about completing the dex, so they will change the form regardless of the IV, though they may never use it.

technically you don’t get a new dex entry, just a form entry in a dex entry. IDK, that alone doesn’t motivate me. I personally hoped that we would get another Hoopa, considering how long this research dragged on and then we could pick which one we want to change.

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I know some people in online groups who go batshit for every variant. I don’t get it personally but that’s their thing, hunting down a female, shiny, Ash hat pikachu.

I suppose in a big city where potentially all your friends were potentially trading partners, maybe its doable but where I am? Nah.

I think if it was a good pokemon, I’d be happy to power it up even if it was 10’s across the board.

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It’s not even listed in the Pokedex at all, not even as form or like the shinies. At least i can’t find it. Unbound is also unusable for GL of course and while it might be good in UL, it’s close to impossible to get one double-moved! So feel lucky to not have participated in that.

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Saw a Hoopa-unbound flex in UL the other day. Squashed it pretty good though as its very glassy at that level.

Yep, just saw the stats, it’s ridiculous :D