Hoping there's a super TM coming to pokeGO soon!


would be so nice perhaps when you finish you 7days research you get chance to receive one of those TM, so you can use it get CD moves or legacy moves.
what do you guys think?


This has been suggested many times and the community likes the idea, but Niantic are unlikely to implement it.


Could make sense compared to the main games if said “Super TM” was a heart scale, enabling you to learn previous moves.

Would also be better if the TM/heart scale let you choose what move you want instead of it being random, a feature which I feel was very poorly implemented by Niantic

But given how rare it is to get CD/legacy moves after they’ve gone, and that TMs are some of the most difficult items to obtain, I feel this is very unlikely.


Instead of super TM it would probably be named ‘Exclusive TM’ and be rare to obtain, with either a small chance through weekly research or maybe only as an ex raid award.

All in all, it would be a welcome addition. Both for people who lack a certain moveset and for those who get better IVs or even perfect IVs after the events when exclusive moves could be obtained. It would also be a good alternative fix for the people who get screwed out of their exclsuive moves due to network errors, gps drifting and whatever causes the game to not register the correct location. Not to mention how Niantic failed to properly allow players in some regions to get Outrage with Salamance, where the evolving with the move should have been extended. This simply shouldn’t happen.

Having such a TM available also wouldn’t hurt the game in the slightest. It wouldn’t lower CD participation, due to those being a great source of stardust and candy resources where you get in 3 hours more candy of rare species than you would with several months of hard grinding. Plus people during CD mainly hunt shinies and IVs with the move becoming important after the spawns end.
It wouldn’t make rare trades less worth, since good moves would still have their value.

All in all the current way exclusive moves work does bother me a lot.
I don’t like how people who don’t take part at an event are locked out of getting the top attackers outside of rather unrealible trades. With lucky friends this gets at least somewhat fixed.
I really dislike how eager players get punished if they evolve something too soon. This is a beyond flawed concept, especially with legendaries that get caught before they recieve an exclusive move. In gen 4 Niantic really screwed over the legendaries by giving most of them suboptimal moves with the rather obvious intention that they can “fix” them in the future with better moves. This in return makes the ones caught now rather worthless, since a perfect IV will perform worse than a 10/10/10 with the better moveset.
And frankly I hate it that in case I catch something better later, there’s no way it can get a better moveset. From personal experience I was quite annoyed when I caught a perfect lv 30 cyndaquil a week after CD. Granted I could get the move later in December, but my initial reaction was “c’mon, really?!”. Oh and I also got a 98% bagon a minute before the exclsuive move timed out, so I gave it the name december, cause it would get insta deleted if it was stuck with that terrible Draco meteor


“Niantic is unlikely to implement it” is how people responded to those who suggested a TM feature way back when the getting the best moveset was a more important consideration than IV


Honestly there’s already an analog in the main series that could work: HMs/hidden machines.

True, the effects of HMs in the main series are very different from what’s proposed here, but what isn’t? TMs aren’t random in the main games, stardust is nothing but an item to sell for gold, and the berries that we use now are basically worthless where they originate just to name a few changes. Being HIDDEN machines, I feel like they would make a good way to unlock hidden/legacy moves if made rare enough. Maybe have a special research with 10 randomized steps that can be repeated once every 6 months as a way to obtain them?


There 100% needs to be a method of teaching exclusive moves to Pokemon outside their window, especially after the fiasco we just had with Bagon day where evolving during the hour after spawns wasn’t granting Outrage.

It’s been a pretty common mindset that the way exclusive moves are handled is completely ass backwards with everything Pokemon is supposed to be about and has only gotten worse. First it was community days, then legendaries, and it’s even pushed beyond that to random Pokemon such as Gengar and Breloom. Keeping moves locked like this punishes players who evolve early to complete the Pokedex, something that’s been core to Pokemon since 1996. Pokemon aren’t meant to be disposable heroes to be traded in when the “new and improved” version rolls along.

The only event they exclusive moves right with was with Pikachu CD, where TM’s would grant Surf. Something like this wouldn’t even be hard to implement; between HM’s and Heart Scales there are two main series items that could be utilized as a “remember” item. Or an even better idea I’ve seen brought up, why not have the exclusive moves just be permanent additions to the move pools but guaranteed upon catch/evolution during the event window? People who play get to save TM’s and people who can’t aren’t left in the dust.


It’s wild how easily fulfilled Niantic could make both vets and casuals of the game (and therefore also experience a boost in success), but yet they won’t do it


It honestly blows my mind that they don’t. They would get so many brownie points from an increasingly tired community yet they insist on maintaining their flawed exclusive system.


I have been gaming longer than most of the people reading this have been alive. The game is at a point where 99.9% of the developers blow it and it happens in just about every game…

The player base gets divided into two camps the new and casual camp and the veteran and the hard core camp … one group is constantly annoyed that one group has perceived unfair advantage and the other group … The other is constantly annoyed that they are losing any supposed advantage that they earned

When dealing with emotions and perceptions it’s a tough nut to crack and personally I don’t think Niantic is up for it…

That being said a simple solution to the whole exclusive move thing is something I have been saying from day one is as soon as Niantic announces the CD Pokémon it goes into raid rotation and in the egg pool… That’s plenty of time to hatch or raid a good one and amass candy… You get 24 hours from the start of the event to evolve and TM the move to previously evolved ones that’s it… Caught a perfect the next day? That’s your tough luck the same way it’s the tough luck of the person that didn’t catch a high IV one before or during the event… what’s legacy from the past stays in the past if Niantic feels likes doing some sort global month raid event with unlocked Legacy moves cool if not figure out a way to raid without using 12 perfect counters…


I never got the deal with old players complaining. Every single new feature that they deem as being there for new players is also benefiting them. Like, seriously, name me one where they are at an disadvantage. They at no point lost any advantage or progress and simply recieved upgrades to what they already had, making future progress easier.
Most older players that are playing since the start aren’t even complaining, just a vocal minority of them who seem to have serious ego issues considering the minor things they get upset by.

As of the exclusive move dilema. It hurts both.
Old players miss out if they evolve too soon and in the end you now how people hoarding countless pokemon, which goes against the theme of the main series no matter how you look at it.

New players have no way of obtaining the best counters, making them be at an disadvantage. The only thing that’s left to them is hope that they know someone willing to trade them scraps and first they need to become best friends with that person, so that the IVs won’t take a nosedive.

A way to obtain an item to get an exclusive move would solve both problems, while not making events worthless to attend, since with those you can obtain stardust and candy, which is otherwise way harder, plus you get shiny variants.


I have 30 things above 3500cp, in that there are 12 unique species…6 of those “uniques” are dragons. Mewtwo, Kyogre, Groudon, Tyranitar, Lugia, Metagross, Dragon, Dragon, Dragon, Dragon, Dragon, Dragon. Of all “master” CD moves, Meteor Mash is the only one that matters, and IMO steel doesn’t matter. Even Shadowball Mewtwo has its limits of necessity.


I remember a lot of hate around the guaranteed lucky announcement. Truthfully the only thing particularly scummy about that to me was that they made the “10 guaranteed luckies and also we’re raising the IV floor” a thing after players had spent the previous month or so trading away all their old and getting luckies under the premise that older Pokemon had “higher chances” of becoming lucky. I have too many lucky Pokemon with at least one stat below 12 including a poor Eevee that didn’t even break 80%.

I don’t have a problem with catch-up mechanics that benefit returning players or events that help new players fill out their Pokedexes more but like, when they introduce a new feature [luckies] then buff said feature in a manner that’s at the expense of people taking advantage of it for over a month [guaranteed luckies for July/August 2016, buffed IV floor] it sucks. It comes off less as being helpful and more as the person or persons in charge didn’t fully think the feature through. In the case of luckies there isn’t a reason they needed to wait an extra month to add the guarantees and the buffed floor, those should have been standard upon release.


The lucky trades issues at the begining weren’t meant to be though. Niantic simply didn’t think through when it came to a lack of an IV floor and them forgetting to mention that said feautre isn’t live yet is also quite facepalm worthy. But again, this is entirely Niantic’s fault not that of players, be it new or old. And yeah, Niantic deserved all criticism they got there. I myself wasn’t affected by this, but I still got quite angry, since their innital announcment, as well as a lack of an IV floor was not something that anyone should ignore.

yes, the way people used the guaranteed luckies was without a doubt in a way that they could get the most out of it. I myself took “advantage” of this in the opposite way. I refused to do any special legacy trades unless I knew that it will be lucky. Got a 93% double legacy Lapras this way in the end. Still looking for two other legacy moves luckies though.
The lucky friends feature is another welcomed feature. I frankly don’t think much of doing special trades otherwise, since the chances of getting anything good out of them is too low. As such I don’t agree with a daily limit of one with that and I used to simply delete excess legendaries and shinies due to them taking up too much space and well transfering them doesn’t cost you extra stardust.


Most of those are legendaries though, which so far didn’t get the same treatment appart from the three kanto birds, plus high CP is not all(as seen with Lugia here heh)
From those that you listed Kyogre and Groudon will be way behind once their special moves get implemented.
Rayquaza got saved from this by having a flying signature move, so it’s dragon moveset won’t get an upgrade and Niantic did give it the best dragon moveset. Due to this it is one of the best legendaries to invest in.
As of steel, it will be very useful in the future. As of now it’s not, due to there being no need for it with the current raid bosses.


I was lucky (lol) in that none of my lucky trades were when the floor was outright absent. I was mad that they went and buffed it after we had spent all our good stuff to get less-good luckies that will never be rectified. I gave my fiancee a SB Mewtwo that went lucky… with a 10a. Of course the other two stats were 14/15. Not that a few points make a difference on Mewtwo at the end of the day, but it’s stuff like that that makes me question why they don’t just release new features with all the bells and whistles right away instead of burning the community. Lucky friends is a very nice feature and one I looked forward to immensely when first datamined. Y’know… when it works :joy:

I see the need for a limit but as my collection grows it really begs for the “one a day” limit to be lifted by some degree :sweat_smile: Special trades at least give me another chance at getting something good out of a shoddy legendary. Worst case scenario, I end up binning it anyway and spend one less rare candy in the future. For eight catches worth of dust that’s reasonable. That said I can probably stop holding onto every damn Regi I get from these breakthroughs :laughing:


I’ve often wondered about the ability to upgrade TMs.

For example: 1 per day you can turn in a TM to Professor to work on. When you give him 7, he returns you an Ancient TM that will only work on Legacy Moves.

The cost would be high 7 Regular TMs + 7 day min to keep the inflow small.


That actually sounds pretty reasonable. It doesn’t eliminate the grind to earn TMs and it would be a clear and accessible method of getting a legacy move.


The idea of a special TM that gives legacy or signature moves is an easy one to marry with a special research quest. Make each quest several steps, they pop up occasionally at random stops, and when you finish it, you can’t do another for a month or two. Maybe also limit it to one per move. So you can get one TM to Origin Pulse, use it on your best Kyogre, and that’s the one you get. Month later, you can get Precipice Blades (or Ice Beam for your Lapras, etc.)

This won’t happen until power creep gets bad enough that common pokemon are competing with old legendaries. So maybe in 3-6 months, then :-).


lol I just want one which allows me to choose my move I’m dying fam