Hoppip Community day

The next community day has been announced and it’s for this Lil cutie. Not going to have any PvE impact but could make a splash in Great League, Jumpluff has really good stats for PvP, access to Bullet Seed for rapid energy gains some decent charge moves and with the addition of Acrobatics it will gain a hard hitting flying type charge move to replace the lackluster Aerial Ace. This doesn’t help it’s coverage at all sadly but is still a significant improvement to it’s moveset that will at the very least have the little puffball see more play in limited formats. What does everyone else think of this announcement?

I’m going to love 3x Stardust Day.


Going to depend on the energy cost for PVP, a 110 base attack is pretty high, you have to think what… 50-ish + energy? Is that playable even?

Most likely blast burn/rock wrecker clone, so yep, 50 energy.
Fly gives 50 additional wins in GL, brave bird 70 (1 shield). So that’s the range. Won’t be top 10, but a nice boomier tropius alternative

It’s the same as Blast Burn and Jumpluff is a lot bulkier then the Pokemon who make that move work and has better energy gains on top of it.


Triple dust, fine by me.

Time to start looking at what best counters Aerobatics jumpluff.

Looks like I’m good to go.

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I believe heatran will do just fine

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Another mediocre community day where barely anyone will play yet again.
Let me guess, the move is busted in pvp and sucks in pve? While Jumpluff is obviously useless there, it could benefit other mon, but I doubt that will happen…

The answer is Skarmory lol but smart people will bring a bodyguard for the puffball.

I feel like in GL the bastiodon I’ve been walking might well do the job. I’ve been walking the thing since the shieldon event whenever that was.

Above that I’m not imagining it’ll be even close to relevant in UL unless I’m remembering the stats wrong.

If not bastiodon, probably just run 3 different things all with an ice coverage move = practically a 3 v 2 match for the first week of GL post CD, particularly at the lower levels where I operate.

PvP is where the game is these days. It makes more of a difference then finishing a raid three seconds faster or whatever :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Niantic is forcing pvp down people’s throats and most people simply couldn’t be bothered. Frankly if there was no shiny hunting left in the game, it would frankly collapse in itself at this point.

No man, I was just kidding jaja. Jumpluff Will be a colorfull adittion, nothing else. Tropius itself has seen better days, this cotton will hold it’s niche, acrobstics is an improvement for sure, but it won’t be meta relevant unless some random cup (like johto perhaps)

Summary of the essentials for every post: your commentary full of hate.
Pvp, some random CD, shadows, people who lives in cities (this one is amazing :joy:).
But don’t you worry, I’m going to send a letter to Niantic asking for only never released before shiny pseudo legendaries starting this March. Happy now? Jajajaj

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Walrein for sure was more meta-defining and ironically, jumpluff falls apart facing it. I wonder about the order - CDs the other way around would’ve been more fun. So, what is it then? Opener? Closer? Safe swap for sure not. It’s more or less a new thing, bulky but vulnerable, high damage moves but not one-shotting neutral stuff. Hm :D

@CatEyePorygon - guess the move will be good in PvE when it’s a blast burn and rock wrecker clone. But who can learn it…

Depending on Actobatics’ PvE stats (we at least know it‘ll deal 100 damage in raids so far) Flying types might see some more variety. The ones profiting most would probably be Charizard, Archeops, Tornadus-I (would be nice to see that thing relevant), probably the yet unreleased Galarian Zapdos, and maybe also Scyther and Crobat. Fingers crossed.

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You got the new (pvp) guy. Touché :sweat_smile:

Once again you intentionally miss the point. I at no point complained at pvp picks being CDs, but when only those began being picked and everything else neglected, that’s when it became a problem… So after the nosedive we got from 2020 onwards, it frankly took quite a while before I said something.
The consequences are quite obvious at this point. Way fewer people bother with CDs than ever before and not even gible brought out the numbers one would hope.
This aside, the other noticeable trend is how almost all new moves are very good in PVP, but suck in pve. There is no excuse for this.
And finally, Niantic being as clueless as they are have finally noticed that one can’t just squeeze money out of raids while completely neglecting them for years. They now hired a freaking group to do the job of finding out how to improve raids, when players have been telling them that since 2017. Considering how 2022 started it’s quite obvious that they are as clueless as Gordon Ramsey is about Italian cuisine.
Heck, one doesn’t even need pseudo legendaries for this. Already getting somewhat solid raid attacker or pokemon which can be used for both would be an improvement. I’m quite positive that more people would care about something like rogenrolla than they did about Swablu or the flying turnip.


Archeops, Charizard(and Charizard Y with it) and Tonradus would all get massive improvements with it as long as it’s a solid move. But then again, same could already be achieved if they got Fly, but for some moronic reason only ballon pikachu knows that.
And they certainly won’t copy that to pve. Payback is also an outrage clone in PVP, while it was made beyond awful in PVP. Frankly I’d be very surprised if it’s any better than Water pulse at this point