Hoppip Community day

There’s broadly the same chance of PvE getting overhauled as George RR Martin finishing the ASOIAF series since he got minted via soft porn with occasional dragons the bastardised TV version.

Maybe it gets added to Tornadus? Otherwise, not really any meta-relevant PvE 'mon that learn it (Charizard’s fire moveset makes flying kinda duplicitous). That’s the problem with PvE these days, power-creep is unkind to simple metas.

I’m happy for the new moves; its a really good sign for the CDs this year! No more recycled starters or weird one-offs like Electivire.

It will get overhauled when Niantic will begin to lose money in a bigger scale and PVP doesn’t give them that, although I frankly would love to see only one set being for free there daily. let’s make things fair, shall we?

It already has Wing attack, which is actually good.
If it would get Fly(which isn’t groundbreaking, just good), then it would be the best flying attacker by a mile, with only Mega ray ray beating it…

It isn’t the only mon whose potential in pve is wasted, frankly plenty of others could get improvements with moves that are already in the game.

Tornadus with Fly would be better than Moltres as a Flying attacker and Mega Charizard Y with Fly would be better than Megy Rayquaza with it’s current moveset and be #1. Standard Charizard would be on par with Rayquaza and Honchkrow…

Huh it’s almost like something happened in 2020 that made going out to do PvE content not a viable for a lot of people. I wonder what that could be… :stuck_out_tongue:

If one can go outisde for pvp mons, then one can go outside for pve mons. And since Niantic would lose money otherwise, they made remote raids… Any other excuse which falls apart like wet toilet paper?

Frankly, the only real thing that really impacted my pve experience was shadows nerfing everything that I ever invested in, not the global pandemic with a 99% survival rate which for some reason still didn’t infect me, despite working with 100+ people daily at my job.

I’m not optimistic it’ll happen. The problem with us on here, is we’re a few dozen of the most knowledgeable players in the game.

Out there are millions of players who just play, with no real purpose, strategy or knowledge (which is fine, it’s a game) who still just raid, buy coins etc. People who buy premium passes for GBL. I still get multiple remote invites every day to Mega-Aerodactyl, to Genesect, to T3 and even T1.

Then look at the extra transactions, CD mini-ticket, ETM box (potentially two per month from now on), 4, 5, 6 times various events per year, other extra bits and pieces.

Have a look at one of the big (100k+) FB groups and see the way people spend money. I saw two people in a conversation not long ago who thought they were being economical because they always bought and used a lucky egg and star shard (no, they didn’t even call it the right name) for every raid.

Us stopping doing something is a long way from niantic being out of pocket.

Tl;Dr The General Public are fucking stupid. We’re a well meaning rural community knitting circle trying to get China to stop burning coal.


The general public will lose their motivation eventually as well with the direction things are going now. Will there be people who throw a lot of money in the game just cause? yeah, but those alone can’t save a sinking ship, they’ll just extend things.
Besides, I see now way less people doing such silly things than in 2018 or 2019 and niantic now asking an unrelated group to help them improve raids makes it quite obvious that they noticed that things won’t just continue

I could be and hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling remote raids and the assorted tickets have covered the drop in community raiding.

I really hope they do something to raids, but I have no hope that a consultant can sort anything out. Has a consultant, other than where the word consultant is followed by medical qualifications, ever sorted anything ever?

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Mediocre? You are an optimist. Shouldn’t we be using adjectives like “trash” or “worthless”?

Thanks again Niantic!

Don’t worry dude, they are just trying to get under your skin. Your comments are very appropriate. Many agree with you.

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You are correct about consultants. But don’t forget the reason big companies hire them. If they follow their advice and it all goes to XXXX then they can blame the consultant. If Niantic listened to us, the fans, then they would have to blame us if it goes wrong. That’s never good for business.


My bad, I thought it was the fastmove that held it back but that was for Rock-type, not flying (where its short a chargemove). I doubt they will give it a great chargemove for the same reason Slaking is stuck with yawn. :yawning_face: But maybe they will make my hundo bird-man worth something! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Argh, payback a good example. too bad, tornados actually would be so cool…

July GBL Ranked Trainers

I’m not sure that PVP is where Pogo is at. Even though this was a while ago, it gives a snapshot of how few people out of all the Pogo players take PVP seriously enough to reach any ranking such as Ace, let alone anything higher.

PVP players are a passionate, vocal and most importantly a very small group of all Pogo players. This is why people push back when a CD is all about PVP. The low number of serious PVP players is why GBL still has numerous technical issues that have been ignored like lag and 3rd shield.

I think that PVP and PVE need an overhaul. However I’m not sure that either will happen anytime soon. I think that @Oaf put it best when they basically said that there are lots of people who just raid, buy coins and premium passes for GBL. I have plenty of people in my group who are what Oaf described. If people are still spending, I don’t see any reason for Niantic to change anything. Also I don’t know about anybody else here, but it isn’t uncommon for me to see powered up stops and gyms. So there are also players going along with Niantic’s AR part of the game.

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Jumpluff is basically walrus food but that’s definitely not going to stop me from grinding that day. I love Jumpluff

Fun thing, a (not too bad IV) jumpluff can survive an unshielded icicle spear and throw an energy ball, which could force a shield or turn walrein into farm down fodder.

The problem with this game is way deeper, not poor jumpluff’s fault at all. There is a lot to say, blame niantic but not because of CD choices. This one seems pretty obvious in a month to celebrate Johto: 3 stage unreleased shiny, new move, quite nice actually. It wont be good, sure, but a lot of people like it, I’m included.

As for the move, it’s going to be good in PvE and quite irrelevant in PvP it seems. Problem is that Niantic do not give a sht about this moves afterwards, we already have the case of scald, fly, gust, etc. They remain pseudo signature moves here in go.

I like when they think out of the box, and do something new. Old Day CD were amazing back in the day, but this game is not the same as it was in 2017, simply because people would be bored and quit the game if that happened. Big boys CD are hyped at first but make the mon lose all of their value afterwards. Nowadays if I see a dratini one block away of my house I just don’t care, the only thing that can take me out of my house is Axew I believe.

The whole game needs a rework, but it just won’t happen. Raids are trivial, gyms are even worse. GBL has the same sistem since season1, we are in season 10! Aside from personal goals, there is not much to do.
Movepool updates are lame, new releases are so slow that game freak is faster than Niantic in this regard these days. 14 days for a new dinosaur/salamander that is only a dex Filler. I registered it yesterday, normal electric is unique at least.

I’m playing less and less pokemon go. It’s been repetitive, they give us very few new things, most of them useless. They are monkeys behind a big computer and just don’t care. And it’s ok, this is just a game to collect things while walking. Take this out of the equation and there are 100 better games

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It was only when someone pointed this out to me last night that I realised it was a Johto 'mon, but I don’t see that as a good thing. From December onwards, we were sold a ticket and not a cheap one either which (if it’s like last year) is, let’s be honest, a Johto Community Day - to pick up all the missed and unreleased Johto shinies.

So, for niantic to then release a Johto shiny as a CD and tout it as an amazing thing and a “new” shiny, is a bit of an underhand move. We’re going to have boosted spawns and boosted shiny rates for it 2 weeks later anyway.

I’d pretty much written it off as a dust grind day anyway, as I do most CDs, but it acquired a bit of a sour taste when I realised that.

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At least one mon for all people who don’t do the tour (shiny rate is bad for those). Such as me ;)
So, grateful for that small snack, i will hail Niantic for all eternity