Horned serpents where are you hiding?

So can anyone who has found a horned serpent let me know where and when?
Some things I have seen say dusk night and dawn. Someone else said they found during day. Others in challenges.
I have gone hunting at dawn, midnight, dusk, and daytime. Near inns, greenhouse, forts, and middle of nothing. Near water and in desert. I have used over 30 oddities runes.
Not yet have I found one, I find erkling and pixies coming out of my… nevermind. And so many vampires and werewolves ( all 8 in 75 min starting at 9pm 1 day before full moon tucked between a inn and greenhouse with 2 detectors)
Any advise for horned serpent would be appreciated are they weather related it is hot windy and dry where I live.

I have read that they might be affected by biome. That needs to change if so. I am in the southeast US and I find them like you suggested at dusk, night, and dawn. I find them more often than Vampires.

Yah the page could prestige after 2 more doxies if only serpents did not exist. My 1st page is almost ready for a second prestige so it is not like I can not find oddities just not that one :frowning:

I found mine at dusk, at a new moon, while it was rainy.


This is such a great question.
Horned Serpents can be found during Dawn and Dusk. If you are unsure of when that is you can google your sun rise or sunset and add a hour before and after to know the times. Leprechauns only spawn during Dawn. Pixies and Vampires only Spawn at Night. Werewolves only spawn 2 nights before and after a Full Moon. Erklings and Centaurs can be found at any time of the day or night.

If you are not able to find them it is probably the biome you live in. Some of the south west states are unable to find any, for example Las Vegas, Nevada does not have them.

A lot of the community in those areas has asked for this to be changed, so we will see if that happens in the future.

I hope this helped answer your question and if you need anything else feel free to reach out!

I live in the NE US, and according to the game, I have seen over 70 of them… And I am sure I have “seen” more than that (and didn’t click on them since I was driving).