Horse Chrom and Christmas Chrom builds help (specially the former)

I want to change their builds because they are really outdated, maybe Christmas Chrom has a good niche on brave axe, but Bunny Chrom already has the ninja axe so I would like to change it

On the other hand I have no Idea for horse Chrom, and I really want to use him again, is the one I want to change the build a lot because his build is basic as heck


just do what everyone else does, give horse chrome a trace and menace and armor chrome a save and a good fighter skill

I’d make both entirely Atk/Def based. Horse Chrom already gets anti-follow up in his weapon, but it’s foe HP based, so Atk smoke 4 would grant him that effect all the time. And since L!Eirika and a couple other sword Cavs have him dead to rights on Spd, I’d ignore it.

Christmas Chrom can have the full gambit of armor effects necessary to be good: guard from stance 3, ignoring penalties to Atk/Def from steadfast, ignoring foe buffs with Wily, and breath from the seal. All couple together with a nasty as Hecc Ignis.