Horseshoe Drops

Guys do you know where horseshoes are good to drop at? I have been farming the free quest node in camelot “The desolate world” for days and not gotten a single horseshoe.

How many runs did you do on it in your sessions? At 44% estimated drop-rate and provided you spend a full AP-amount on it, let’s say 132 max so 6 runs total, something should drop, surely.

It’s been a while since I last ran it, but I don’t recall it being too bad if you devote your full AP-pool to it.

According to GP, Desolate World is the best place to farm horse shoes.
This is why regular farming is such a pain and I reluctantly do it only when I have an immediate need for mats. RNG is a fickle thing and dry spells like that can happen.
If you can wait or don’t need a lot of them, then the next event (Summer rerun) has 20 of them in the shop.

I need them to ascend penth

Let me see I think I have done a total of 15 runs so far with apples being used

That’s…honestly bizarre then for there to be not a single drop of that scrap metal.

Short of the suggested event-shop, only other thing to do then would be to leisurely do class-dailies, a few of them got the things on the drop-table too - only at far worse rates, so you can only really count on 1 or 2 of them coming your way, really.

man this bites i think i need like 4 more to ascend penth

Archer and Rider training grounds?

Wait it appears in archer grounds?

Yes, the centaurs can drop it.

At even lower rates than in the Jerusalem-node you already tried, as I mentioned.

If you don’t want to wait on the event-shop, I’d give the Desolate node you tried already another shot. 4 isn’t much at all, and if RNG-gods finally let the pendulum swing in your favour again, you’ll be done in no time.