Hoshiguma,saria or ifrit

Hi! I Just got Top operator tag! Can’t decide which one to choose. Hoshiguma,saria or Ifrit. Who do you guy think i should choose?


Saria, unless you really really want one of the other 2


Might be a little late since you’ve probably decided already, but I would personally pick whichever one you want most regardless of their gameplay performance.

If you want to pick one based on performance, then my answer would depend on who you already have.

Saria is a great healing Defender. Hoshi is a solid Defender whose S3 can turn her into a brief AoE Guard plus her Talents make her extra tanky. Ifrit, if given a good placement on the map, can decimate enemies with ease and the debuffs she provides helps your other DPS units kill enemies faster.

Each one is different so in terms of gameplay, pick whichever on gives you either a new option that you don’t already have, or one that complements your favorite team.


All 3 have their own advantage…

Ifrit is line clearer + debuffer. she’s very effective unitif you got stage that she can deploy.

Saria - Solid defender + healing(S1 single target, S2 AOE, S3 burst) + SP battery charger(anyone she heal gain 1 sp)

Hoshimachi - Good defense + offense with S3. and her Passive make her very tanky since she had percentage to dodge any attack

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I’ve lived without having both ifrit and Hoshiguma and only borrow them occasionally, but can’t think of any stages that I don’t bring Saria in. She’s a blocker+healer+debuffer all in one package. Easily one of the best operators in the game. And all 3 skills are worth to get the masteries.

Skill 1 gives her a really high self sufficiency, so even without defensive skills, she can tank most enemies, alone.

Skill 2 would turn her into a true aoe healer with big range

Skill 3 would supplement your arts damage greatly and gives enemies a slow debuff. You can think of her as a damage booster. Most bosses would be burn to crisps paired with someone like Eyjafjalla or Ifrit.

Basically if you don’t have her, you should. But that’s from the meta perspective, you do you.