Houzouin Inshun General Discussion

Are you ready for the avalanche of solo videos featuring our new caped baldy?

This guy is terrific fun. Great damage potential, fun numbers, awesome NP pronounciation, and so on.

Yet…F/GO’s meta isn’t kind to non-damaging NPs for non-Supports. Why go through all that effort of buffing him up, when a simple ST NP may suffice? That’s is arguably the core problem of Inshun and why we can’t rate him too strongly. Sure he can get you through certain more difficult quests (but not all, he has limited survival means), and serves as a powerful last man standing (yet has heavy competition there, not in the least from our :dog:), but often a more direct, standard approach is faster and more secure.

Ultimately, this is why we placed him where we did, even though we gush about him in his writeup (which I think was really well written from from @Dathedr). That’s the meta for you.


Unfortunately I prefer the SR female version of him coming next year.


Obviously, this won’t be relevant for a while, but would Summer BB be an ideal support option for Houzouin, since she can lock in his face cards after he uses his NP to ensure he’s doing maximum potential damage?

Summer BB is a RNG reducer, but at the same time she provides no offensive buffs so you are foregoing higher damage cap for consistency.


Well, your third Servant can provide damage buffs in that case (for Houzouin, I’d think Skadi would be ideal, or possibly Waver).

What I mean is BB’s slot can be taken by yet another buffer (which leads to even more buffers if you have taunt CEs to kill off buffer) if you are willing to gamble with RNG.

Yes, but as you said, it’s a gamble. Houzouin’s whole deal is that he’s a very self-sufficient buffer with reliability issues outside of solo runs. But Sunmer BB can fix that reliability issue, which I think is more crucial than trying to add even more buffs on top of what Houzouin provides to himself.

It just depends on what you want to do with him to decide whether to use BB or someone else. People doing minturn cq memes with him sometimes forego summer bb if they need more buff to fit damage requirement.

I don’t do “memes,” so I’m just contemplating how to build a team around him for reliable play.

Houzouin doesn’t have the best NP gain and he needs as much of his own card as possible to benefit from the crit damage buff. I believe no supports even merlin really provide him that much benefit when fielded in order to compensate the lost in card consistency.

Best thing is he isn’t story-locked. :)

I’m looking forward to Qin Liangyu as well, but Houzouin looks like he’ll be fun to use. And not too difficult to raise.


I think BB Summer is great for him, aye.

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A third tier placement is high enough for me to invest in and have fun with. I like his design, and I’ll look forward to seeing what his character is like in the Shimousa story!

You mean the absolute biggest meme in FGO?

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Hey, so when is he going to be available in the friend point summon? Is he already, or must I wait for the Shimousa Pickup to expire completely?

I need my One Thrust Man.

After the Musashi banner ends.

Ah, thanks!

Would have been fine had they just put him on the second banner as well, but Kotarou had to steal the spotlight.