How 2 shinons under 50?

Ive been chasing shinon since he was released and have used over 300 orbs since then trying to get him.

And now on this banner with Elise i get him twice in under 50 obrs.

How??? Was i just summoning on banners with a low chance to spawn him? I thought i was summoning a hail mary because he shares color with elise.

Either way im real happy cuz now i have times pulse fodder.

First 1 went to her

What should i do with my second


I hope you grabbed Deadeye for Norne as well.

That’s pretty good luck, though, so good for you! There’s probably not any trickery afoot. Not to say it’s likely to dump 300 onto a banner where he is a focus, not get him, and then get him twice off-focus, but it’s certainly not impossible.

For the second one, his base kit and prf are really solid, so I’d say at least level him up and give him all his skills, if you don’t have an immediate use for his fodder.


Raise him and grab his feathers


Congrats, you lucked out. However…

A three unit banner divides the focus rate less than four unit banners of the same rate. 3 percent among three focuses is 1 percent, 3 percent divided by 4 focuses is .75 percent. Even with colorsharing (which has been debated a lot but I’m of the side of the argument that says it doesn’t matter), the statistics would say that it’s easier to get Shinon here than it would on his debut banner.


You summoned him off the TT banner, correct?

Since it’s a 3 unit banner, it has the best odds of pulling him of any banner other than the time he was on Hero Fest. He may have been on another 3 unit banner, but I can’t remember

But more than that, RNG is just wonky. When I went pulling for Annette a couple weeks ago, the first two copies took me almost 500 Orbs, but the last 3 came in about 125 Orbs


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I hope you grabbed Deadeye for Norne as well.


Time’s pulse + Deadeye is great on Jorge as he has -1 cooldown on his weapon.

Otherwise keep him