How are Arena Medals calculated?

Maybe this is a novice player question but how are Arena Medals calculated and is there a way to maximize the amount you get each Arena run? Been grinding out medals for a while now and 29 is the number I see most but sometimes I get 49 while rarely I get mid-30s.

Not sure what I’m doing differently to get the different rewards but I’m curious if there’s a way to speed this grind up.


I’ve… literally never paid attention because I consistently have tens of thousands of them. I did a quick calc and, provided I did the math right, if I burned literally all of the Dew and Refining Stones I have on hand at once I would drain not even half of my current supply of Medals. And I’m not even a really heavy Arena player; just me playing it seriously every other week, only occasionally trying for crowns, and doing two beginner matches on auto battle every day for the feathers have earned me that many

(Edit: forgot to account for the Dew my 1050 stones would produce, but that’s only an additional 5 refinements; bringing the total to 16,500 medals I can use, but as I have 37k right now that’s still only half of my current medal count)


I honestly have no idea. Never saw anyone talk about it before today :frowning:


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Ty for the responses. I like refining prfs so I’ve been spending a lot more dew and medals than usual. Few months ago I had about 11k and went down to about 2k so I’ve been trying to do more arena battles to help increase that. Used to have tens of thousands of the things but lately it just seems like you go through them much more than before.

Not sure if there’s an official answer to this or not but after grinding out 4.5k of the things I’m wondering why I’m getting specific random intervals. It’s random enough I don’t have a clue but specific enough to where I’m curious.


I’ve wondered about this too. It seems no one has an answer to this.

I did some testing, but so far all I have been able to confirm is that each unit loss takes -3 of your Arena Medals.

30 seems to be the standard, I think it’s less when you go against lower scoring teams. Most of the times I get 30 medals, but you can get as high as 60:

I did it with the team you see in the picture, which doesn’t even score that high. The amount you get seems incredibly random. I tried a lot of different things but I haven’t figured out a way to influence it yet. The only confirm is that losing a unit is -3 medals.


I haven’t hit 60 yet but I have hit mid-50s. Teams don’t seem to make any difference, at least from what I’ve seen, so I threw together a team I could auto-battle with and get results majority of the time.

I’ve gone against lower tier teams(Averaging around 730) and would usually average around a specific number from 20-30 only for some random 50 to get thrown in.