How are you going to use Castoria?

So I was thinking about something regarding castoria. See, if you have/have access to an np5 castoria and they use a mlb k-scope, you could theoretically have a 70% attack buff (Np and skill), right. Now if you have an extra castoria with np1, that would be a 50% attack buff. You would have a 120% attack buff, plus the arts buffs and whatever else buffs the dps has. But the main question is whether you would have your castoria with a mlb k-scope/ standard k-scope, or with 2030 or whatever CE you want?

An extra question. Which servant has the highest attack buff for a single member and/or party buff?

I know you can technically buff stack forever, but we’re talking about using two servants (Castoria) not half the team like ( double waver, then plugsuit merlin) or (double skadi, then plugsuit in waver).

PS. We’ll be counting on you whales to compensate (empty your wallets/purses) for those that dont make the np5 cut. :feh_tobindrip:

Thank you


Sounds great in theory, but in practice this is usually severe overkill and difficult to set up with any regularity since most players want CTT on Castoria most of the time.

Castoria needs no NP levels to do her most important job, unless perhaps you’re a lolivinci stan and are counting on NP support to help her farm more universally.

If I go higher than NP2, it will be because of favoritism. We’ll see.


Probably just use her to support my arts servants
If she shows that is


If i had a dollar for everytime I’ve read you say that, I’d have $10. Which isnt much, but i’ve only been here for about a year, but uhh…yeah, we’ll see.


I believe she’ll show for you. If you don’t believe in yourself, believe in the me that believes in you :fgo_teachcultured:


Looping for farming. Cq with Disocuri, general arts buff


I’d have to get really lucky to have NP2 Castoria (read: get 2 copies in one multi.) NP5 not going to happen unless she just appears in all the gssr’s I do. Just going to use her to loop same as almost everyone else and occasionally, stall.


She will be my easy way out of farming whenever college gets tough.

A simple but extremely important job.


Mostly as a lotto farmer and CQ staple. I’ve found prioritizing bond farming in most possible scenarios more beneficial than simply DCS-ing everything. Makes for a dull experience too after a while~

As for NP levels, I wouldn’t say no to NP2, but it’s just not a good investment rn, especially with the coin system jumping us unaware and causing changes in rolling plans~


Not much interested in her, to be honest. I have too little SQ saved so Im not confident in rolling her. So probably going to use her from SL as Chen amunition, or for Surf Mo comps, or like Waver 2.0. Im focused on Bond 15 OG Mo right know, so Im more interested in Buster than anything else.


NP2 is the most you’d really need, after that the Atk/NP level is pretty low. And she’s perfectly broken fine at NP1 already.

wCastoria usually resolves around a DPS/Farmer with Black Grail, 20% Atk makes much less difference compared to NP level on the DPS.

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Like intended? I’m think of using her with water gun archer and hope I can summon more art based servants i more buster servants than quick and arts. I just want her because she is cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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if i use her in a team shes in the risk of getting hurt. I will keep her safe in second archive :fgo_kamagrimace:


I will borrow Castoria from friendlist and use her with Tamamo and Berserker Vlad. Hope she will be able to increase the dps potential of Vlad

Obviously in order to do this I hope that the people in my friendlist will be able to successfully summon her


I’ll have her paired with Spishtar, and go BRRR! harder than Dantes ever did!

Seriously thought, her whole point is that she can support a 6-slot team by relying on 100% refund looping (plus there’s that super-invincibility that can come in handy sometimes), so I’m going to use her for that. I mean, if I want to do 5-slot farming, I already have DSS Dantes, and if I want to do it while completely ignoring wave composition, I can use Spishtar with a DSS+Waver hard battery team, so 6-slots are pretty much her main draw for me. Well, that, and the opportunity to use some new servants for farming other than Dantes/Nyanta/Paru/Marie…

How are you going to use Castoria?

Burn because she’s obviously useless :fgo_spaceishtarwink:

Which servant has the highest attack buff for a single member and/or party buff?

If it’s type 1, then probably Caster Nero? 50% atk on S3


One of the reasons I like Castoria is because she’s so versatile. She can both aid looping and cq, something not many of the big supports can do very well. Skadi is mostly for looping and her use in cq is more limited. Waver and Merlin are better for challenging content compared to daily looping for farming. But Castoria does both really well, enabling arts looping and challenging content with her third skill of arts up and invincible. Her np also gives an ultra invincible skill for all front line members, which has saved my jp ass on countless occasions. For that reason, she is the first and only servant in my jp to reach bond 11


This. In farming, aside from Lolivinci teams, you don’t want to rely on RoA.

It’s easy to access and you can, with order change Waver and mana loading, guarantee access to 1x RoA wave 2. But unless you’re a whale like Gou and I, don’t even consider that splurge on NP levels. She does everything you want her to at NP1.

RNG wise if both Castorias have lv10 ML any Arts chain will set one or both up. But you’re relying on your sea of teatimes to level the append with a 72 LB6 silver mat cost.


One of the reasons I want to roll the gssr group with the most recently servants is the chance of getting np2 Spishtar so that I can Castoria loop but I can’t afford to actually roll for np2 Spishtar. Even her np1 copy came as an accident. I have other Castoria looping options but none that can loop as well as Spishtar, who needs np2 to be able to loop efficiently