How are you planning to buy SQ now that in-app purchases have been restricted for non official countries?

I probably won’t be able to do the GSSR coz Play Store won’t let me buy quartz anymore. I was planning to let an American friend of mine buy the Quartz for me but idk if transferring accounts from one country to another will be safe for my account. If you’re planning to do the GSSR, how are you going to do it?


If you’ve access to an iPhone or such, you can just change the region on it to America and buy SQ there

I’ve done that by transferring to my brother’s iPhone a number of times already


In with-VPN-created “American” Google account we trust :)

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This. Had to choose between APK pure and the above option to start playing the game about 2 years ago and still do cause im not from EU. Aside from not letting Paypal
Through (regular credit cards still work) had no issues buying SQ.

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I haven’t had the chance to try it with the new changes yet since i bought all the SQs i needed during the anniversary but i hope credit cards still work.

Oh no, all this time I could have used fgo on my degoogled phone… Gotta try it out.

Any specific VPN that will work?

The VPN is only needed to set up - and use - the google account. Any free VPN that can control the masking location will do. Though do be aware that if you use the “american” google account without the VPN active on US, google may set the account’s location out of the US, turning it into completely ordinary non-american account.

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Apparently bug with APK pure on a recent update to JP FGO forced players to reinstall the app, and some of them lost their data as a result. sure am glad i became an american citizen instead of depending on 3rd party

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Thanks for warning. Usually when I use something third party and unofficial, I take full responsibility that it will eventually crash, and the question is when.
Also, I kinda felt sad about losing my f2p NA data and my japanese skills is like 50 kanji or so, so I installed INTL version. It just screams at me during each start that it will refuse to work without google apps, but I click OK, and it still works great. I can’t buy SQ though, that’s true - it’s just not an option altogether. I did not try it with JP.

I am uncertain on whether I should just try to ignore my 2 month old INTL account in favor of starting all over again with JP, having my limited knowledge of the game trashed due to metagame 2 years ahead, and not being able to read 80% of the text… tbh sounds like a great deal.

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How did that happen?


If you think so, i got a moon plot on sale! :fgo_bbsmile:
Honestly not being able to read the story alone is enough reason for me to stay in NA.

Intl = international.

Also I didn’t mean “lose”, I meant “purposefully ignore because I don’t have time for this”, sorry.