How are your pokestop submissions going?

Appreciate some of the city based people won’t even be bothering with this but in our town we’ve been trying to get some more stops and particularly one on the only ex eligible bit of land for miles around in the hope it one day becomes an ex gym.

So far, every single submission has been denied. Various reasons but we don’t know why they aren’t getting any positive reviews at all. We’ve tried all sorts from shops to local parks, historic signs etc, all stuff that stops consist of but nothing is getting through. We’re following the guidelines, taking good pictures and describing them in lots of detail.

Anyone had any more luck?

What were those various reasons that you were given? I’ve only submitted 1 Pokestop, which was accepted and placed in game 3 weeks later, but beyond the initial “Thank you for submitting a new Pokestop”, I had no communication. I submitted October 26, then nothing until November 18 when it appeared in game.

I also haven’t been consulted on any new Pokestops in game (which I may or may not be eligible for, as I have no idea what exactly “Niantic’s Player Community” actually means - I’m a level 40 player, been playing in the same exact area for 3 years, but never played Ingress, so…), or seen any way to rate new Pokestops, so I have no experience from that end of it. If anyone on these forums has more insight into who exactly is part of the Niantic Player Community, that might be able to shed some light on who’s making these recommendations.

Since the pokestop nominations went global, I submitted 5 waypspots. 2 got accepted and became pokestops yesterday, the remaining three are still in the queue, so they still await the voting process.
If one is submitting pokestop nominations, then it’s good to log into wayfarer, to see in which stage the submission is.

I have also been reviewing a lot via wayarer. For the most part the submisions were good, here and there I have some really bad ones though (random object, obvious fake ones, duplicates, really bad quality photo - can’t recognize what it’s supposed to show/said item is far in the distance/blurry picture)

I don’t know what’s the cause for rejections, since I haven’t seen the submissions. However for shops/restaurants (if they qualify) one needs to give a more detailed description, cause otherwise they get marked as generic businesses.

This was posted on the Silph Road Reddit, so I’m sharing it here as well in hopes that it might be helpful.

If submissions for your area have been repeatedly denied, it could be for some of the following reasons stated in this infographic.

What’s Wayfarer? Is there a link you can provide or a webpage that has accurate information about it?

It’s the site where one reviews the pokestops/portal submissions from Niantic games. Because of this tool we got pokestop submissions.

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In 2 KM radius from my house there 3 new gyms and around 10 new pokestops. An old pokestop now its a gym, 3 new pokestop and 1 gym is in a university 3 new pokestops in a small park which now are 4 few meters apart from each other 1 new Gym as a church and a pokestop near the church in a small park.

But as i was traveling today in the city i found out that most places are almost empty so idk i am lucky that i live in this spot for now. I am not level 40 yet but i wanted to post how the wayfarer changed the game near my house.

Edit i just login and there 2 new gyms and 1 new pokestop! I love the new system.

I understand one of the rejections (the photo was skewed) but another was away from other stops, was a great photo, well explained and in a good place.

I’ve not had any of mine reviewed yet but I know one won’t be accepted, it was a cheeky attempt to get a stop next to the gym at my house.

Really appreciate the advice so I dont waste my remaining 4 submissions, think I need to hammer home the description and reason.

Thanks everyone.

One thing I forgot to mention is that in order to review the location one needs either the submision to be visible on google street view or make a geosphere via street view(app). Sadly a lot of of reviews(espceially those who reviewed before on Ingress) will one star submission that don’t have that, despite things like sport fields and such being clearly visible on the map without street view.

If one makes a geosphere one should make sure that the phone stays in the same spot while you turn it(you need to move in a circle, not the phone), otherwise it’s quite the visual mess.

Geosphere’s are needed mostly in rural places, or if the submission can’t be seen from the road.

The main reason why actual good candidates get rejected are:

  • bad photo(blurry, taken from the distance, dark, taken from car, having a persons finger on it, etc)
  • bad description (gramamtical errors, joke descritpions, lack of good descritpions on borderline candidates- restourants)
  • no street view and lack of geosphere
  • in very populated places which have a lot of candidates there is also a limit per cell, but that’s rarely the case.
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They did improve this, since giving ratings that are way off the average in comparison does lower ones score and can result in getting ones wayfarer account locked for 24 hours. Said thing could also happen if you review too much too quickly or if you let your reviews time out too often (20 minut limit per review)

This used to be a problem with some ingress reviewers, since there were cases where some people gave bad ratings to submissions that they considered to be too beneficial to players from the other team.

It could still happen, in which case you just submit the wayspot candidate again. As of now one also gets reasons why something gets rejected, so if that happens, try to improve there.

In general make sure your photos don’t look like this (next to the bad quality - blur, there’s also a phone reflection). It’s also not a wayspot candidate to begin with due to being just a random walking path:

or this (don’t take pictures at night/bad weather, most of the time it will look awful)

Also pictures from a distance most of the time don’t make it. What you submit should be the center of the picture and be clearly visible. This here is supposed to be a basketball court… Next to being too far in the distance also take weather into account and take a picture accordingly - focus on the object, not the puddles.

Here is a picture I took when I submitted a local basketball court. One can see what I submitted clearly and I’m positive this will get easily accepted

Run down things that will likely completely deteriotate in a year also won’t cut it

Not every sign is a candidate, but even good candidates should have a picture where one can actually see what’s on the sign:
Natural features (lakes, special trees, etc) need a sign and you take a photo of said sign. So a picture like this will get rejected

Also please don’t try to submit your house as some sort of hotel, community building, etc. Even if your picture could be convincing, the google maps shows that said thing is fake:

Well, there are also the troll submissions. I’m not too mad at them, since they provide a good laugh and people who make them know that these won’t be accepted:

All of these above are from actual submissions, which I rejected. In general about 5% of submissions get rejected and another 5% get 3 stars, due to lacking something. So about 90% of things do get my approval, so I don’t think I’m too strict.
On a side note, I do get submissions from 7 different countries, which all have a different official language. I do understand 2 fluently, while another one is quite similar to my native language. Google translate is not exactly reliable, so I think it’s fair to say that if you live in a place you should focus on making descriptions in English, since most people will understand that.

I hope my post helped people.


I have 5 pokestops within 250 meters of my front door, so I can’t think of any worth the effort. TBH it would really need to be in my driveway, backyard, or living roon

I can also add this to what I lisited above.
When you take a photo of something, do it from the front. K thnx


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An update to my lengthy post above. The mentioned pokestop submission just got accepted.
As I said, a good picture makes a good first impression. While I am by no means an expert regarding photography, the picture is good enough to show what I’m submitting clearly, it’s in the center of the picture and it’s not too far from the distance. A lot of people with valid candidates are failing exactly because of this, since they take a bad picture, which can be easily avoided.

I think I might make a youtube tutorial, where I go step by step through the submission and use two types of submissions (with and without geosphere), depending on circumstances. I have enough candidates around to make this and it takes less than a week for things to go through now, thanks to the amount PoGO reviewers on wayfarer. With Ingress it was painfully slow, due to how little people bothered with that dull game (sorry if you like it, but I couldn’t force myself to play it. It really wasn’t my type of game).
I would then also list all the common mistakes as I did in my post above. After going through nearly 1000 reviews and having a good standing on Wayfarer, I think it’s fair to say that I know what flies and what doesn’t.


Thanks everyone, finally got one accepted. All I need now is for it to appear which, knowing niantic, it never will. :grin:

Unless it is too close to another pokestop then it will appear in PoGO within a day. In Ingress however you should be able to see the submission already in the game.

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Yep, one of our group has ingress, it’s there so tomorrow will tell if it’s in the right place

Half the photos I see on current stops are trash, so that part seems like it shouldn’t be difficult.

I had one turned down because it was too dark. It was 14:00 and clear skies, as bright as it gets in Northern England in November.

The one I’ve had accepted was a terrible photo but there it stands (spins) on the map.

It’s a true lottery

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From the 7 submissions I sent, 6 got accepted.
The one that didn’t go through was a plague column and the reason was “The real-world location of the nomination appears to represent a generic store or restaurant”.
Sure, plague colums are after all this year’s trend for outdoor decoration. /sarcasm

Granted the picture by the side shows an optical store, due to being located right next to it, but it’s rather obviously not part of it and the people who rejected it rather obviously didn’t bother reading my text.
Irronically, out of all 7 submissions I did, this one is by far of the highest cultural importance, since its been made back in 1668. Oh well, will submit it again eventually and make sure that the photo is from such an angle that the store isn’t shown, to not confuse those who don’t read.

This isn’t anything new and was already the case in Ingress. If eligable submissions get rejected, due to something that isn’t the case, then one needs to submit them again eventually. At least now we get a reason why this happened, so that we can see what people picked and the next time we can try to to make sure this doesn’t happen again. In my case I will make a close up of the column and from such an angle that it will be the only thing on the picture.

The other submissions that passed were a chapel, a cross, two playgrounds, a football field and a basketball court. 6/7. Not bad, the PoGO players who submited via Ingress in my area said that it’s normallya a 50% chance of getting approved and that sometimes they submitted the same thing 3 or 4 times before it got accepted.

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I’m not level forty, however I have been super interested in making pokestops (there are a few new-ish parks that would be nice.) BUT! Someone had requested\added a pokestop to my favorite early-morning park. Mid-day yesterday, the park that is down the street (I frequently spin the stop to get my daily rewards and research) has changed. The pokestop is now a walk down into the park, and pokestop is now a gym! Do you have the opportunity to change things like that on ingress?