How better is Paracelsus compared to Tamano for NP refund

I know Tamano is better than him for damage but just how much better is his 20% arts up and 50% NP gain compared to 50% Arts up of Tamano ?

In a vacuum, depending on how you conceptualise the numbers, he’s either 20, 30 or 60% better. Tamamo boosts refund by 1.5x and Paracelsus by 1.5x1.2 = 1.8x. So, that means, if your Arts looper has a refund of 10% completely unbuffed, Tama will increase that 15% and Para to 18%.

In practice, he often pulls ahead even further. Many loopers have some degree of personal Arta buffs in their kits, whereas relatively few have NP up. Taking Surfmo as an example, she has a personal 30% Arts up. This means that while Tamamo only increases her refund by ~34% (from 1.3x to 1.8x), whereas Paracelsus increases her refund by ~73% (from 1.3x to 2.25x). Arts Up is also marginally more common as a CE effect, so Paracelsus hitting another bracket for multiplicative scaling means he’ll often be giving in the ballpark of double Tamamo’s refund boost.

Better be sure you can afford to lose that much damage, though.


Thanks. I suppose he wouldn’t be useful to me then. I was hoping to get better refund on some of my ST arts servants (Vlad and Dioscuri ) with 7+ hits counts in their NP. Besides, I would be getting some over gauge or overkill refund from Tamano.

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Depends on your NP levels and CE setup. If you’re using BG you’re probably not hurting for damage, but there is also the question of whether you need additional refund with how consistent those two are.

That said if you are zerging content then you can use chen Gong to kill a support then get himself killed through his taunt, allowing you to use 2 Castoria + Paracelsus + Tamamo.

Paracelsus generally speaking. Like on a servant to servant basis it also depends on how good your servant’s NP damage is, but eventually damage has diminishing returns where all your hits are overkill hits/more damage doesn’t help you NP refund more. Paracelsus though always gives NP refund whatever your damage may be. I don’t use Paracelsus personally as the most help I need besides 2x Castoria with Spishtar (NP3, 2K fou’ed) is mystic code 2004, which gives NP gain up for a turn to basically imitate Paracelsus for one turn.