How big a difference is DP on Machamp?

Before I start down the road of frustration in trying to switch my close combat machamps over. Is it a huge difference, and is it worth the massive amount of TMs I’ll probably have to use?


Yes, it is worth at least 6 DPS something on Machamp.

Dynamic Punch is very flexible and hits almost instantly.

Yes, it is worth it, and yes again, be prepared for a massive amount of frustration. I used 8 last week to get DP on one of mine and with every failed TM I felt like I lost another little bit of myself. I’m joking, but it was bloody frustrating. Focus on the moment you get it though… the worse the frustration, the more you’ll appreciate when it happens :slight_smile:

Champ is borderline useless sans DP, similar to how Metagross needs MM.

I’ve used 12 CTMs and still don’t have psychic on my double move 15/14/15 shadowball mewtwo. I might stop since I don’t need another psychic mewtwo, have 100% maxed Psystrike and a level 37 Psychic Mewtwo. Do it to be the best, or don’t do it to perhaps be even better. I got double moves on my two 100 Machamps, the double move with rock slide is useful for rocket battles

Metagross can act as a Psychic Attacker because Psychic still has above average DPS.

Well that was because Psychic used to be extremely trash (MM was better even vs. Fighters and Poisons) and recently it got a buff.

It is funny, shortly after I typed this, we needed Machamps for a raid and I was able to answer the question for myself in practice. It became VERY CLEAR that this is a case where Gamepress’ rating system is a little off. Counter/DP should be A, and Counter/CC should be a C or C- and I feel like it is especially bad for noobs because they (I) are the most likely to just assume that a B is close enough and when you look at the many, many options you may get for a second charge move on Machamp, and you see that you have the “B” moveset, it seems like a bad idea to “waste” your CTM’s on just going from a “B” to an “A.”

But in reality, you are going from “pretty rough” to “really good.”

Now that guaranteed CTM’s are gone from level three raids, its going to be a rough road! LOL

THANKS FOR ALL THE EXCELLENT ADVICE (and for the fish!). You guys/gals are the best!


No problem, and good luck getting DP on your Machamps.

I hate to leave a trash comment on this but I can’t help it. Reading through this entire post EVERY time I read DP my mind went to the gutter…am I alone? lol. Shoot.

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I admit to understanding the lingo, but children read this forum too, so keep that in mind! :slight_smile:

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Exactly why I feel so bad about it. Dynamic punch used to be such a bad move, glad they made it better.

( ̄▽ ̄)":wink:

Dynamic Punch is always good, it’s just an error update in the move parameters that swapped its stats with Close Combat.