How can he be better

Attention all Fire Emblem Heroes gamers! Roy is getting his ass beat and needs your help. You can help him by leaving suggestions for his summoner to use. He often gets depressed at his defeats.


Your build is conflicting with his weapon hard


By replacing his Seal & C.

You made him EP, so I’d work on his tanking abilities.

What would you recommend? I was trying for DP utility.

Not an expert on building Roy by any means, but considering his refine is made for EP, how about these builds? With the first build he can get 44 def and 47 res when attacked and 42 speed allows him to avoid getting doubled in a lot of situations. I’d say for a purely defensive set it’d be a good one to try out.

The second one relies on him being near allies, but it does give him a lot of speed and resistance making him into a very effective ranged wall and he can take physical hits as well becuase he’s unlikely to get doubled if all of the conditions are met. SS3 lets him hit with a very powerful Iceberg most of the time and this does have some PP potential with how powerful his special is and how Spd/Res Bond and Joint Spd also works on PP. Here he can get 41 res and 52 speed if all of the conditions are met and that’s without any buffs from the rest of the team.

Whether these are super optimal I’m not sure, but I thought these would be an interesting option and hopefully sort of a platform to work on lol Hope this helps out even a bit.

That could work, his refine is definitely for EP, but I was trying to rig for DP, the A needs to get changed as he’s no longer +Res. The builds work, but the fodder is a bit rich for my blood.

What game mode are you building for? I run a few different ones depending on the mode im in.

In AR I run him with Kaden and B Lucina support, his set up is DC, NFU, Noontime, atk smoke

If I dont need that I run NFU, Warding Breath, Aether

If you have Nailah DC + NCD would be great for him

I personally like healing specials on him by far the most because it works with his weapon and he doesnt have any other stat to use to make the defensive specials all that great

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Was trying for all purpose, I run him with Sue and L!Azura, plus seven to everything. The reason for asking was the book three chain challenge with Sirius and Valentina Catria.

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for siruis I recommend killing the green dragon or red mage, then retreating to outside of everyone’s hit zone. Then player phase the rest of them.

For the other one, I cant remember it too well but you should be able to do with a decent mix

The final map with Lif is what kills me, not enough speed to gank him with Sue. He’s the only problem.

Reinhardt or Ophelia would work there

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Got it done, Quickened Pulse and Luna on Sue got him low enough for Roy to knockout. After that smooth sailing.

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Do you think the eventual Bracing Stance 3 would be good on Roy?

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probably not as needed as DC but yeah that can work. The issue for me would be his B slot doesnt have a lot of things to run there and most of them prevent specials one way or another. The other most common one requires DC

True, but DC Roy already exists with Legendary form, I’m tryna figure out how to take base Roy and make him T-Pose on everyone.:feh_royyes: