How can i buy SQ in Europe?

Hello guys. I want to lose my f2p virginity on the Arjuna banner but i cant buy SQ. Im from Europe and i play using a VPN. Nor my credit card or paypal account work and i dont know what to do. Can anyoane help me?

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First: you do not need VPN to play it. Avoiding region lock is needed only to download APK. And I have no idea why your paypal\card do not work, it works fine for me (also in Europe) without need to jump any hoops.


My debit and credit card work fine, no VPNs, no Play Store account switching. no tricks :man_shrugging:

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Like they said you don’t need anything.
But if you play on emulator then switch to your phone and buy there…Reason being when I tried to buy on Emulator it didn’t show me any currency and just said no currency selected…But maybe it will be different on your end.

To offer another perspective: don’t do it, it’s not worth it! :fgo_deadinside:

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Try to download the APK from APK Pure and use google play to buy, it works for me. Assumiu you’re a android user.

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Idk what country are you from given that I know heckton of European players (both members of Union and not) and VPN was never necessary for anybody. Perhaps if you live in political mess like Belarus, Kosovo or Transnistria? Because I can imagine that in Europe there still might be very few countries excluded from Google Pay services due to international sanctions/unstable situation
Anyhow credit/debit card works for any country with any currency. PayPal is restricted to let’s say… civilized part of Europe (no offense to anybody ofc). Works for PT, FR, GER, UK, NO, but starting from PL and CZ and then going East and South - that part of Europe is pretty much forced to cedit/debit card as their only one payment option
But - assuming you don’t live in political mess - card not working must be on your side. Either limits, disabled some online payment functions or bank itself might have problem with Google Pay (I’ve heard feedback that combo of certain Polish bank + Visa cards wasn’t working at all and that was the bank-Google side issue).
You’ve said your card doesn’t work but what exactly is the issue? Depending on that I’d either redirect you to Google support or your bank helpline

Well, I was able to buy 1 sq as a test and nothing after that. The payment always fails even if i have enoght money on my credit card. Maybe is a problem with Google Play or my bank, i ll try again tomorow. I

Seems like a spending limit of your card. Be sure to contact your bank and see if the spending limit is above $90 (since outside of US you also to have pay extra tax, which makes $80 SQ pack cost around $90, depending on country and current currency exchange rate). Usually it’s something that you can change at home, via Internet

Well, I was able to buy 1 sq as a test and nothing after that.

I faced exact same issue and the solution was to change spending limits. And I also live in Europe

I play on iPad but I think it works also for androids:

  • Go to and be sure you’re in the American store if you downloaded the NA version (VERY IMPORTANT);
  • search for play store or App Store gift cards delivered by mail;
  • when you receive the code in your e-mail just put it in the account on the play/app store and then you can buy sq in game

Don’t know if there are any other websites that give you specifically gift cards for a defined region store, but I tried with Amazon and it all went well (except the rolls)
Hope it helps you or anyone else and good luck with the rolls!

Edit: the exchange dollar/euro could increase or decrease if you wait some days.

I’m from Europe and buy quartz using PayPal the hardest part was adding PayPal as payment option

same here, i only added Paypal to pay… i think i had to add it to my google account and it was done…
it’s not too hard to do if i did it (my phone skills are rank C)

I’m from Germany and also using Paypal, on Android.
It didn’t work at first, but after calling Google support they managed to fix it (seems to have been something on their end). That was over 2 years ago though, so it might work more seamlessly nowadays.

Thanks for your help guys. It actually was a problem with Google Play. After a few failed transactions they suspended my “payment account” or whatever it is called. I contacted Google and in less than 24 hours they fixed my issue and now everything works just fine.


Did Google helpdesk told you what exactly was the issue? As in, I get that it was on their side but any details?
I’m asking because we’re about to enter “SQ purchase problem” season (man, I love GSSRs) so it would be nice to use your case for reference in similar issues. Especially that I was genuinely convinced it was something on your bank’s side rather than Google itself

Well, they didnt tell me anything, they just suspended my payment profile for suspicious actions after all those failed attempts to buy sq. In order to reactivate it i had to send them a picture with my id card and one with my credit card to confirm that i am the real owner of the payment method. Everything worked just fine after that. Before i contacted Google i also checked what the spending limit of my card is (i can make 30 online purchases per day with a total value of 5000 USD, so it wasn’t a problem with my card spending limit). i really don’t know what the initial issue was, why i wasn’t able to buy any sq that day. Maybe there were some problems with google play services. Anyway, im glad they fixed my issue so fast. I do want Arjuna Alter and i am going to wait untill he is alone on the banner again but my biggest fear was that i will not be able to buy sq for the upcoming GSSR, thats why i made this post.

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Thanks for heads up and good luck both on AA and GSSR ~