How can I create a good AR-D team?

I’ve never been really interested in AR so I never payed attention to it. But now, I want to have a good team in both defense and offense.

What I need is someone experienced in it who could help with the basics and tips to build a proper defense set-up. If someone does also wants to help me with my offense team I wouldn’t mind it.

This are the units I have that I consider to be useful. Some of them are quite better than other, but I wanted to show everything. I have to say that I’m a F2P player, so merges and fodder is indeed a big deal.

Actually I don’t even know how to do the matches properly. I almost always lost one unit, specially in Astra season. About defense, sometimes I kill 1-2 units, even 3 once a week more and less.

At the moment I’m at Tier 20, so it’s really difficult to go on for me. The structures are not the best, because I didn’t play AR for months so I didn’t gain aether stones.

• Fortress (O): Lv.4
• Fortress (D): Lv.3
• Bolt Heavy/Trap: Lv.3
• Bolt Tower (O): Lv.3
• Bolt Tower (O): Lv.2
• Tactics Room (O/D): Lv.1
• Healing Tower (O): Lv.1
• Healing Tower (D): Lv.2
• Panic Manor (O/D): Lv.1
• Catapult (O): Lv.2
• Catapult (D): Lv.1

And this are my setups. Actually I just deploy unit I think that would do well, no idea about strategy. Obviously I use the lift loss reduction, but I don’t have enough blessed units because I want to wait to create a proper set-up.

If someone helps me I would be really thankful.

Pd: I’m from Spain so if I’m writing something wrongly, please correct me

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Your units aren’t bad, they just might not be being utilized properly. I like the bottom defense more, but you should have 2 different defenses, one for anima one for dark to minimize lift loss. Keep the top defense team, but make it open, the main problem there is that all of your units are trapped behind structures and most can be easily sniped. Make that your team for anima. For the second one, take out the mirabilises and swap them for either hel and a dancer or 2 dancers. Keep that for dark. Those are my suggestions, at least. Good luck!

Oh my gosh put Ophelia on one of your defense teams, I’d recommend putting her with brammimond, L!azura (while dark and water seasons match up) as well as hel, and you can decide what else. You’ll have to make a decision for minimarth and Nagi for which team to put them on

Aaaah! More people from Spain <3

A nuke with hardy bearing is almost mandatory to deal with CC vantage strategies, you have ophelia, Fallen Julia and Duoleth, all of them nice picks. Also, it may sound dumb, but your mirabilis have base kit? Don’t do like me, that I let them like that and they buffed each other with their C slot, contributing nothing to the rest of the team.

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ARDs… I think I can probably help with that.

Here’s some basic tips for making ARDs. The best way is to test your own defense and see where it is good and bad, but as you may not be the best at ARO, then it’s not effective. Like me, because I’m far better at ARDs than ARO, sometimes I can barely beat my own ARDs without multiple attempts.

  1. Overlap your ranges.

Make it so it is impossible to solo bait (bait a single unit by themselves) no matter what. Extend ranges with rally traps, movement skills like Ground Orders or Guidance, if need be.

  1. Don’t block your units in.

It’s just giving the opponent options. Do NOT hide your units behind walls. Leave them out and threatening. Walls just leave a space to snipe over. Just don’t block your units behind structures please. Sorta linked but don’t hide a unit in the corner. It may be sorta effective occasionally at lower tier AR, but most of the time it’s a waste of a unit slot.

  1. Remember that structures can be destroyed, but NOT by your own units.

Look at your own ARD with all the structures removed and see if it’s ok. If you spot that there’s an easy solo bait with some structures removed then change it up. Only the fort is indestructible, so pretend that none of the structures are there, because the foe can break them. Your units cannot, so hiding behind structures is bad because your units will flop around, not having any room to move.

  1. Have a strong offensive presence.

Having a strong offensive presence is tbh way more important than a defensive one, solely because tanking is way more common than hit and run or galeforce. (I’ll get to vantage in a sec).

Use strong nukes than are as close to untankeable as possible. Use units like Ophelia, Lysithea, L!Julia. If your ARD has no offensive presence a tank can just plop themselves down and get an easy win. Skills like Infantry Pulse make the ARD even harder to tank.

  1. Use a hardy bearing user.

This prevents vantage for the most part. Without a hardy bearing user, a vantage unit can just place themselves on a bolt trap and sweep the whole team. Firesweep and such serves the same purpose as well.

  1. Make sure your traps are actually doing something.

Traps placed too far away from combat are easily tested with no repercussions. Ideally traps would all not be smite testeable, but that’s sometimes too hard. Just place your traps around your units pretty much.

  1. Use a healing tower.

It’s by far the most important defense building. Bolt towers are a huge threat, and without a healing tower, it can be really difficult to defend when your units have to get by with like 1 HP. Protect your healing tower. In any given ARD there’ll be a spot for a building, always protect the healing tower.

  1. Use mythics if you can.

The sad thing about ARD is that AR as a whole is tipped super far in ARO’s favour. For this reason, it’s often good to have a safety net if your ARD does lose. No ARD is perfect, ARO simply has too many options. So when you do lose, the mythics will reduce the loss as much as possible. Yes it’s a pain to fit some of them in looking at you Yune, but do it anyways.

Nearly forgot but this next one is VERY important.


Save for a very few strats (like cavlines) dancers are absolutely vital for a good ARD. In light season try to use two dancers, due to the presence of Mila. In anima you can get away with one. If you don’t use a dancer, then you’ll just get wrecked by hit and run. Don’t even try to not use a dancer, it’ll not work.

  1. Just make your ARD unpredictable.

Use skills like WoM, units like L!Chrom or Lucy, and dancers, so that the team can not be predicted. The AI is quite complex actually, and you can make use of it, but tbh that’s a little difficult. Just make it so there’s no telling where the threat range will end up.

So that’s a lot of tips for ARDs.

Specifically for low fortress levels, you may wanna consider a cavline with two mythics. Simply because the extra 32 BST all the enemies get is super powerful, so just try and ‘cheese’ your way into a couple kills, and use mythics to reduce loss. Some strats are simply impossible to pull off with a lvl 3 fort.

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Since I posted the thread I started to build two different setups. I’ll put them down below, in case you want to see it.

You’re right. Actually other people told me that, so I did the build more open, without trapped units.

Are you from Spain?

I decided to use Ophelia along with 2 other mages to precharge her special

Actually in the new teams I do only use one Mirabilis so the buff is for Nagi


Yes! De un pueblete de ciudad real <3

Parece que tu defensa está pillando forma :ok_hand:t2::sparkles:

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After reading all this, do you mind if I do ask a couple of things more?

• About the rally trap, I did one with Ophelia, but when testing defenses, it doesn’t activate always and I don’t know why.

This is it. Sometimes Ophelia rally Marth but without moving, so she doesn’t get danced.

• About the structures. I do have enough stones to upgrade the healing tower (D) and then upgrade Fortress (D). Should I?

• Sadly I don’t have L! Chrom or Lucina, so I can’t use those great assit. But I did a flying setup based on a FF rally trap. The problem is that as you say I only have a dancer, and it would be during Mila’s season so I don’t know how to fix it

And of course thank u so much for helping me

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Ehh yo soy de Madrid.

Y sí, más o menos voy teniendo una idea de cómo va el tema de la defensa aquí


Honestly prioritise ARO fort over ARD forts. As for healing tower, go ahead if your escape ladder is maxed, and your offense bolt tower is a decent level. Offense structures other than bolt tower and escape ladder sorta suck.

So prioritize

Escape ladder > ARO bolt tower > ARD healing tower > everything else.

The reason is because the AI can’t be bothered moving basically. So she won’t move in front of Marth because she can rally from her current position instead, which is ‘safer’ according to the AI. Because the dancer can’t reach her from there, she can’t be danced.

Because she has a rally up, rallying Marth counts as rallying Nagi. So she will prioritize her own safety, and rally Marth and stay in place.

That’s fine, they’re quite rare. Because you’re tier 20, I don’t believe you’ll run into too many Milas. Flyer balls are sorta bad ngl, but they can work I guess. With the addition of Hel they aren’t too scrappy.

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Your new defenses look better. My initial reaction is that Ophelia should have L&D instead of swift sparrow.


@Yukinne could you show your friend code? I’m curious how this would go against my tanking and vantage strats.


Anyways let’s see your top defense first.

Move your fort over to lane 1. Marth isn’t the one who needs protection, Oph is. This also means you can’t just bait Oph by destroying the structures.

Change Oph’s a skill to L&D. AoE’s are based of visible atk, and L&D grants that.

The traps should be further inward.

Also you can fly an Altina over to the top right hand corner, where they can bait Thrasir safely.

This is a decent defense actually. Just needs a little tweaking. Also I don’t like Nagi on ARD because of her duel weakness, especially in Naga season (Astra). She also doesn’t have any offensive presence whatsoever, so she’s pretty much a wheelchair. But yeah this is a huge improvement honestly, very well done on the formation of the units.

If you want Oph to rally Nagi, take of her rally up and give a regular rally (doesn’t matter which one, her base rally res iirc is fine) so she’ll rally Nagi.

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Sure! Any feedback is welcomed

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Mind if I add you too?

Do it please

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I did the changes in Ophelia and the fortress and put the traps even more near to my units. I’m trying to come up with and idea to make Altina impossible to go there, but I don’t really know what could work

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Move the fort in your anima defense down exactly one space.

Rn I can destroy the healing tower and bait Oph over it

Omg who I didn’t see that

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phew, @nobody625 has this one covered so I don’t have to

cheers fren