How can I get blessings?

Now that Blessed Gardens are gone, does anyone know how to get Fire/Water/Earth/Wind blessings? I need them to complete the Blessed Gardens.

I never thought about that. Do they give them as Quest rewards?

they havent yet


Hmm, how were we getting them before? I have like 15+ of the basic blessings each.

Could’ve sworn there was another way to get them. Maybe that was from those rare blessing quests they sometimes gave out.

Don’t you get 1 from tempest trial?

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Summoning a Legendary/Mythic gives you a blessing.

Maybe this was IS’s plot all along.


Idk but I have enough to make like 40 - 50 for each I swear

I believe it’s been confirmed that they’ll appear as Allegience Battles rewards.


I mean, that really only affects new players, so I guess? :thinking:


In game notifications from back when the last update was announced. Let me find it real quick

I mean, it was a joke - but sure. Maybe you’ll get one someday. :feh_myrrhno:

I only had DF and feathers

That’s the current reward but blessings will be added

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Yo I see orbs as a reward

Eflakis beat ya to it, thanks anyway mate

Oof. That’s what I get for not letting the page fully load before I post

They gave out a bunch of them as rewards for completing the GHB Elite 2 quests.
I wish they would hurry up and make GHB Elite 3 & 4.

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Allegiance battles will grant them sometimes.
One can be obtained from TT, but it seems mythic blessings are now appearing on them.