How can I get my email address permanently banned?

Few months ago I deleted my pokemon Go account but to my surprise I still was able to re create a new account with the same email address… So I did and now I’m back where I was : addicted and wanting to quit but I can’t because I know if I delete my account again I still will be able to create another one and won’t be able to resist.
I contacted the support but got no answer.
Is there even a way to get my email address permanently banned so that once my account is deleted I can’t come back?
What if I cheat? What if I try spoofing or anything to trigger a ban would it work?
Another way to approach this problem would be to buy a phone where pokemon Go is not available. Basically what is the best possible phone where Pokemon Go is not available?

You definitely can delete a Gmail email account…will just be no more Gmail user. That might seem extreme, but maybe it is less extreme than hundreds of dollars for an inferior phone that won’t allow PoGo

Thanks but I can’t do that I need my google account for many important things

Create a new email address, one that won’t be used for anything other than to create a Pokémon GO account. Create a new Pokémon GO account. Change the password on the new email address by smashing your face on the keyboard. Now you won’t be able to login to your Pokemon GO account because you don’t know the password.

And if your response to this is either 1) I can just reset the password or 2) I can just do the same thing with a new email address than trying to permanently ban your existing email is fruitless because you’re either trolling or have a problem that requires seeking professional help.

After reading this thread, the title of one of Laura Branigan’s songs came to mind…

In all seriousness just delete the app of your phone…

If you’re willing to go as far as spoofing to get rid of an account, you’re likely going to be willing to make a mail to have a new account too :thinking:
And I have no idea if you can get a mail banned, sorry I couldn’t help with that.

This doesn’t make sense at all. if anything, i think you are trying to get your partner/best friend/family to quit the game :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:.

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Will power unfortunately.

Delete the app off your phone then you at least have to re-download before you can play it.
I did the same a while ago because I was getting too addicted and, while difficult at first, it does get easier. Just not seeing the app on your home screen helps a lot.
I have subsequently started playing again but have managed to keep myself limited and not play excessively.