How can I get permanently banned?

Few months ago I deleted my pokemon Go account but to my surprise I still was able to re create a new account with the same email address… So I did and now I’m back where I was : addicted and wanting to quit but I can’t because I know if I delete my account again I still will be able to create another one and won’t be able to resist.
I contacted the support but got no answer.
Is there even a way to get my email address permanently banned so that once my account is deleted I can’t come back?
What if I cheat? What if I try spoofing or anything to trigger a ban would it work?
Another way to approach this problem would be to buy a phone where pokemon Go is not available. Basically what is the best possible phone where Pokemon Go is not available?

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Just uninstall the app. It won’t make your account get deleted but if you don’t want to play this is a good option. Also, you posted in the wrong section.

Lol what an interesting inquiry, trying to AA the game to focus on more important things? Pokemon Masters doesn’t seem like it’s designed to really allow anything that could get you banned but I’d assume trying to blatantly cheat through hacking or harassing players would do it but of course both options are morally wrong as upsetting people just to lock yourself out wouldn’t be kosher. No my friend what you need is simply to find something better to distract you. Like a new hobby, or a new project, or a career to focus on, maybe even a special someone to spend time with. But at the end of the day it’s just will power and knowing what you want to do and doing it. That sounded way more motivational then I intended but I hope it helps.

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As someone who’s struggled with things like this all too often in the past, your best bet is to find something that can replace the sense of fulfillment it gives you. I’d recommend that this not be a video game; great options are picking up a side hustle, taking up a hobby, or focusing on creating new relationships and fostering your old ones.

Wanna get permabanned?

Go and download a dodgy TP version of Pokemon and log in, they’ll find you soon enough