How can i get quick charge atk?


How can iget quick charge attack?

On whom, not all mons have it. But the answer is a fast tm presuming the mon in question can learn it. It’s not a great move really, a little detail about what you want to do with who might help point the right direction.

OP isn’t talking about for a Pokémon. OP seeks the power personally. OP wishes to challenge the gods


As usual you are clearly correct. For a guy with The Crow for an avatar I am ashamed of myself for not viewing this darkly enough.

Vinny do you make video gam

I’m guessing you’re asking how to get your charge attacks to charge up quicker?

There are two things that contribute to this: the energy cost of the charge attack and the rate you get energy from your fast attack. For instance, Body Slam only takes 35 energy to charge but if its being charged by Bite (which only generates 2 energy per turn), its going to take a while to charge up. The quickest charging attacks take 35 energy and are charged by energy-slanted fast moves like Mudshot, Lock-on, Snarl, etc. You can look up all that stuff on the GP main site.