How can i get Siegfried? Which banner should i roll for?

How can i get Siegfried? Should i roll for Story Summon for Siegfried? Is there any rate up for him in any banner? I really like dragon slayers with Sigurd i wanna use him as my main I dont have quartz now but i wanna summon him later so what should i do to get siegfried?

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1st - Good taste. Siegfried is a cool dood and an amazing unit.

2nd - I don’t think he has a rate-up this year. He should be getting one in January next year, and another one around April.
If you can’t wait that much, you can choose Siegfried with the 4* ticket we’ll get later this year, or try your chances the next time we get a Singularity-based summoning campaign.


You want Siegfried? Very well pray to Kirei then.

All kidding aside, I am not sure if he has a rate up in the future though you could wait for a class based banner. Would not recommend that you try story summon though, as he might spook you in the future.

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I did a quick checkup on wiki and there are the Singularity based campaigns, the class based ones and early next year we should get the Da Vinci rerun and the Fate/Apocrypha Collab event.

From what I can see he isn’t the only 4* on any of those banners so the ticket might be your best choice.

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Actually I would like to know that too. From the SR availables from the beginning, Herc and Sumanai are the only ones that have evaded me so far, and I have even considered getting him with SR ticket, if there were not better servants I have been looking for besides him. Sure, he was not good enough at the beginning, but he is turning into a beast now! I would really like to get him also. And I agree, singularity banners seem to be the best choice.

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Honestly, everybody keeps telling me he’s an easy unit to pull, but the only 4 stars Saber unit I got from story was Nero and when I finally thought the summoning system had mercy on me, it spat out Mordred instead

Like come ooooooon. I like Mordred, but Siegfried was my favourite character from Apocrypha. Let me summon him, dammit

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He spooked me last week while rolling for Meltryllis (didn’t get her…), I needed an AoE saber anyway (the day after I got Suzuka Gozen too :smiley:)

I grailed Georgios to 70 to better support him (and TBH he just deserves it) and should get Siegfried to 80 today between the hunts, I liked him in Fate Apocrypha anime, I’m kinda happy I got him

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Later this year, if we hopefully manage to reach 10M downloads before 2020, you will recieve a ticket that will give you a free 4-star servant of your choice. You can use it to get him if by any chance he doesn’t spook you during this time.

We don’t need to reach 10M. They always put the campaigns in roughly the same time period as JP had them and adapt the actual DL numbers accordingly. The current 6M campaign was 9M in JP.

The free 4* ticket is basically guaranteed.