How can IS remove banner characters from Book 4 maps? I have some ideas

The story in Fire Emblem Heroes isn’t the best Fire Emblem has seen, but book 3 was better than the first 2. But you know what really annoyed me the most? Map 2 through 4 were pretty much just dedicated introducing banner units. They had no barring on the story. They were completely jammed in there for no reason.

I want IS to take a chance with Book 4 for the sake of actually telling a good FE story. I want each map to actually forward the story, and I don’t want to see a single Tiki or Corrin at all.

I also want the story maps to be somewhat challenging, or at least interesting. They are some throw-away maps.

Here’s an idea:

  • Let’s merge in ideas from Hall of Forms, and make them part of the story maps.
  • You control characters not from your barracks, but characters that are actually part of the story. You develop them and see them grow over time, all the way until the book’s completion
  • We can even do what normal FE games do, and swap characters in and out between chapters.
  • Now the narrative and battles are joined as one, and the game is better for it.

We can even do a bit of a twist too. At the end of the book, one of the main characters in the story that you were leveling up and training becomes your free unit for that book. And here’s an even cooler idea! That free unit has all the stuff you trained on them. It’s YOUR unit. And you’ve got a lot of time to figure out what you want to do with it until it becomes yours permanently.

I think FEH has a lot of maps for random battles - I think it’s time the story maps were special and not just throwaways like they are now. Let’s create a much deeper story that’s 5x the length, has FE7-8 style cutscenes, and battle maps that are actually tied to the characters participating in the narrative!

This would re-energize Feh I think. I’m sold on this. they won’t do it. I know this. It’s too much work. But it would pretty great if they did.


New units have always been in story chapters, that’s just how Feh works. Why would they change that now?


What they could do is have it where the game where the banner is from is who all the enemies will be, like the SS banner would have Eirika, Lyon, Lute, Amelia, and Seth as enemies for the map, as well as the newbies, but they don’t talk. And for games with few characters in, they could just use alts or something for different maps or have a battle against every Hector

If you wanna talk in the story, get a seasonal alt or forging bonds

Also please, but still keep those quests available for the orbs pls and thank you


Because it doesn’t add to the story, and destroys my suspension of disbelief

Well consider where the story began. Book 1 was literally just “Woah looks like Veronica opened a portal to this world, guess we better go close it guys herp durp” :feh_tooobin:


Ok… so instead of Tiki and Corrin they bring use 16 more Camilla’s, 10 Lyn’s, and 8 Lucina’s


Also the story maps basically act as an advertisement for the new units, showing people what they can do. Which is definitely something IS would want.

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Yeah, book 1 was the worst. It was so bad.

I just think with a more hall of forms style game mode used for the story would be a lot more interesting, and they can control progression like the actual FEH games do. Basically the idea is to make it more like the games.

Basically, they should make it special so it doesn’t feel like I am doing training tower in between cutscenes.


Sure. I agree with that. Let’s put those with the special unit maps.


Here’s the problem with that. Feh isn’t supposed to be like the main games. It’s a mobile game, they work differently than a major console game. Mobile games are typically built around short sessions, so limiting progression like that wouldn’t make sense in Feh.

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How is my idea not conducive to short sessions? :/

Also, it doesn’t matter how they always did it in the past. They can change anything if they really wanted. This is the power of software! :partying_face:

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But why?

If what you enjoy is to limit yourself and see progression through story maps, there’s nothing preventing you from doing that. Just dedicate a slot on your teams to Story and treat them as Formas.

If you want that the free unit that we get per Book is not only who you choose among four/whatever, but also comes with the skills you want, then I’m affraid you are being extremely greedy.


That’s not true! My askr trio are 5* and level 40. I can’t go back.

Use someone else…

That defeats the point! They aren’t in the story! It’s like playing sacred stones with FE’s greatest hits while seeing ephraim and eirika in the cutscenes. That is what FEH is!

Ok I think I was misunderstanding it. But still, part of the appeal of Feh is using the units you’ve collected and built up. I’d personally be a little annoyed if I couldn’t use the units I’ve worked hard to invest in and build up in the main story mode. Or do dumb things like this


and you can… for like 95% or more of the game :/

I mean yeah that’s kinda the point. Being able to use all your favorite characters from across all the games.

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Then they should actually make a good story based on that rather than Map X of Chapter Y with Selkie saying, “Hi! What am doing here?! Are we here to snuggle?” and then proceed to a normal training tower map battle. This is so lazy.


Yes but why impose limits on people? Maybe I don’t like the units in the story mode. Then I guess I’m not getting to play the story then