How can new/F2P masters use Skadi?

Whenever I read discussions on Skadi comps it always seems to involve at least another 2 SSRs (i.e. Dantes and Waver) and/or SSR CEs. I was just wondering if there are any particularly good combos for Skadi with FP servants or a particularly good SR to get in the ticket later this year.

Probably because that team is the highest efficiency team to put Skadi in. It’s not really for new masters, especially if you don’t have Dantes, or Waver, or both.

FP friendly AOE team I can think of on top of my head:

  • Arash(Kscope) + Fuuma(Kscope) + Skadi + Waver/Skadi using the Magic Academy Suit
    Even then you still need SSR CEs and Waver/Skadi+Suit to try to let Fuuma NP twice. Alexander doesn’t have much NP refund, and so does Medusa

For a new master, you can pair her with a Quick servants, like Cu, Billy, Caesar, etc. and boost their NP damage and Quick card damage for 3 turns and if the enemy is still alive? Then get ready for long play.

She’s not really much for long fights too, but at early stages of the game, she’ll have to be used as a Caster support for Quick servants and using her NP for clutch team evade during boss battles (an observation from my other accs). Atleast you can pair her with Hans. And she has high amounts of HP.

Like alot of people said, Zerkerlot is the best SR you can pair for her for looping NP (which I sadly dont have, oh well, maybe next SR freebie).

I dunno, not really a Skadi expert…


Double Skadi NP Looping isn’t recommended for new players, or players who lack certain key Servants.

Rather, just use her for her buffs. Her Quick buff is massive and comes with a crit buff, targetable 50% NP Charge (if at level 10 skill) is great for enabling quick use of NPs (pun intended). Her NP comes with a one-time Evade, great against an enemy NP.

Not everyone may be able to run meme or 3-turn teams just because they have Skadi, but she is still a great Support Servant in her own way.


Yuh, I’d patiently build up teams around her and use her as a normal Support Caster (in which you quickly use Quick NPs in one quick turn).



Are all viable in Double Skadi system. All need high skill levels. Of those Parvati and Berserker Lancelot are the easiest to deal with for newcomers.

K scopes are being used for strict 3 turn farming.

ST The usual quick based damage dealers are always viable with her - Caesar, Cu etc etc

The biggest problem for most newcomers is outside events you have no chance of getting her skill levels up or ascending her until you get to the Lostbelts

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Like @LeiCiel mentioned Skadi is useful even outside of Quick teams so don’t feel forced to go looping.
While farming I’ve in a pinch used support Skadi’s instead of Waver for buster teams.
The battery alone will make teambuilding far easier for almost all farming scenarios and her defence debuff is hefty enough that she can match Waver for one wave.


I got her on a fresh JP account during one of her rate ups, so I’ll offer my input. Do note that I used a feature that isn’t implemented in NA yet, which allows you to take any servant if your choice to max ascension for free, one time.
With that used, I got access to all of her skills early, though they were obviously limited in levels for quite a while. Trying to loop is pointless early on, you won’t pull it off. Just try to use her skills when appropriate, and bear in mind that she can be quite useful for early game fights with her kit. You might be held back from doing ascensions depending on where you are, and if no events provide the materials you need.
Others have mentioned this already but she also can work on generic teams, since most of her kit isn’t exclusive to supporting Quick cards. Take advantage of that NP charge (if you can access it), her AoE defense down, and her NP. Experiment around and find a setup that works best for you.


It should always be mentioned that she can replace Waver in any usual farming comp that doesn’t require either NP charging for any Servant but one or an ATK increase for the first two waves. She’s far more versatile than many give her credit for.

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While Skadi is no doubt one of the best support casters, my feeling is that she doesn’t truly shine until she is 10/10/10–in particular, her NP charge skill needs to be 10 or she’s definitely not as generally useful as Waver.

Both Waver and Merlin have the nice feature that none of their NP charging is dependent on skill level. In particular, I find Waver is quite useful with 6/6/10 skills (just maxing his ATK buff). But as soon as you have him at even just the 3rd ascension , you have access to his 20% team/50% single NP charge, and with the variety of hybrid charge CEs (Sumo, Aerial Drive, HNS, etc.) that is very enabling.

While I’ll have to see how I use Skadi in the future, if you can’t pull off looping, I can see her being somewhat situational. With just a single target NP charge, you can’t use her like I do with Waver, putting a Kscope on a 2nd DPS and letting him team charge them, or an IE with team charge + self charge. You’d be limited to self-charge or using a MC with charging or the plugsuit to bring in a second support charger.

But once you do have everything you need to make double-Skadi work, it is no doubt absolutely amazing, I think. It’s getting there for us with more limited rosters (both CE and servant) where I think Skadi is more “high-maintenance” than either Merlin or Waver.

Is everyone forgetting she has an NP due to DSS existing? Her NP is defensively-based, giving both evade and damage cut (while also giving Death immune and a crit strength buff for the team), her blizzard skill lowers enemy crit rate, and all of her skills have a mere 6 turn cooldown at max, I don’t see how she would be all that bad for long battles.

Basically she seems to be a decent general support caster with a clear focus towards Quick support. And then the players discovered that DSS is possible, but I doubt the devs designed her with that in mind, so that’s more of an expensive bonus if you have the right servants/skill levels for it.


Her issue is if the fight has heavy incoming damage and lasts for too long.

The damage cut isn’t that hot, and the single-use Evade has value for avoiding most NPs but leaves the party exposed for follow-up, which is sometimes mean because enemies in more difficult quests are often inclined to buff themselves.

Her NP isn’t close to useless, but it’s definitely more situational and not well-suited to any kind of stalling.


Yeah, long fights are all about mitigating cumulative damage. Without any kind of healing and middling NP gain, since you don’t really wanna use her charge on herself, she’s really only good for stopping an enemy NP. Put her next to top-end healers like Medea Lily or Tamamo and you’ve got a chance of lasting a good while, but on her own she can’t carry defensively the way someone like Jeanne or Merlin can.

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Maybe if she spams her NP, long fights could also be viable. But that means, using her to attack and gain NP instead of using the Quick DPS in your party to attack, and not a lot of Masters have the patience for that.

It goes back to using Hans, Hans and Skadi spamming their NP would make the fight a cinch, but it also comes with them using their Arts Face cards during turns in order to gather up NP. And Skadi in FL do not have CEs to help her gain NP for spamming. Maybe if the Master has their own Skadi, spamming won’t be much of a problem with long fights.

I see, I see, I take it back, she’s alright in long fights :fgo_judge:

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Yeah, I tend to forget most people try to avoid using the cards of their supports. I just figured she should have no problem charging her NP as a caster.

I’m used to Waver, so charging his NP means lowering the enemy’s NP gauge and defense and potentially stunning them, so especially in Arts setups I don’t avoid using his cards.

You can easily start to lose the battle of attrition when you prioritize your support’s cards. Lack of damage output from our teams gives the enemies more time to fill their charge bars and/or hit the worst possible combination of buffs.

Since Skadi’s NP is good for negating exactly one hit per party member per cast, the incoming face card damage will whittle the team down while she’s unable to restore HP or provide meaningful additional defense.

For new masters without any great quick servants, I would suggest try to get your hands on the coming welfare servants summer Ishtar (AOE) and christmas altera (ST) which should work well with buffs provided by Skadi.

Since her NP provides emergency measures (evade and death immune). She could be used à la Jeanne by a master who does not have anyone else doing that. There aren’t that many options to begin with. It’s probably not worth investing for if that’s the only reason though… I also find it hard to tell people to just boycott her just in case they drop the good farmers later on. Best case scenario if you’re not going full meme is that you just got her for something ridiculous like 30 or 60SQ ^^

If you often use Q servants, I expect that she can at least provide them with a decent chunk of additional damage. +50% Q efficiency AND +100% Q-CRT-DMG is nothing to look down upon.

DISCLAIMER : I just got skadi, I don’t have stored mats or anything, so I haven’t tried this yet. It’s only what I plan on trying for turn-by-turn-improv (mostly planned for stuff like “event farming with event CEs, thus blocking the usual 3T sheannanigans”).

Skill 1: directly hints you to what kind of damage you should be dealing: obviously, it has to be Q-based and ideally someone who crits a lot.

On paper, Avenger of Shinjuku seems like a good pal for her. Or vice-versa.
Caesar might be decent too, Billy the kid probably becomes a potent sniper, and so on.

With her stargen+ NP upgrade , maybe there are a few “limited roster” critical-oriented setups that could be built around Medusa alongside Skadi. That won’t be the best composition ever, but I assume there should be a way to find something balanced enough.
Many assassins can also provide the stars.

Skill 2‘s def debuff is decent enough by itself in an AoE context. For example, I’m currently using Nursery Rhymes’ NP in W3 chains at the moment because it provides the exact same debuff.
The second effect is more situational but could be helpful in the big picture.

This is probably information that should be mostly for low-budget players who happened to have gotten Skadi but lack the Quakers. (DSS Q Farmers such as Dante/parvati/valkyrie/…)

If you have access to a Kintoki Rider support you can do a lot of fun things with Skadi.

Hi OP,

Skadi pairs best with Quick servants, from the starter servants: Tamamo Cat, Atalante, Marie Rider or Parvati (especially these last 2 are viable candidates for the Double Skadi System).

From the FP Gacha:

Saber: Caesar
Lancer: Cu, Cu Prototype and Diarmund
Archer: Billy
Rider: Medusa, Alexander, Ushiwakamaru
Assassin: Fumma, Jing Ke

Honestly, there’s not much FP servants that are viable for Skadi.

Another suggestion would be to wait for Quick-based Welfare servants such as Ishtar (Rider) and Altera (Archer). Don’t forget we’re also getting a free 4 Star this November ( so you can look into getting viable Skadi servants like Lancelot, Parvati, Valkyrie and others.

Hope this helps, OP!

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