How can Salieri appear in Battle for New York?

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As the question states, how is that possible in a lore point of view? It also make me think about Anastasia appearing in Hawaii considering that she was created in a Lostbelt and we never met both of them before Russia. I am aware of the summoning system that can grab people from all times and have only certain memories of the previous experiences like a record of sorts but I thought that Lostbelts Servants were a special case and were summonable only after registering them in the Chaldea Suitcase.

It’s a nonsensical event.

Don’t question event logic.


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some are summon way back tho never told like only servant summoned speaking on lorewise is mashu, and well event anastasia is one from real timeline not from lostbelt.

salieri isn’t a lostbelt servant. real history servants get called into lostbelts by alaya, this happens in all of the LBs. unless they’re specifically said to be a LB servant, they’re a normal servant.
There’s a servant in LB5 that’s a LB version of a normal history servant, that’s explicitly said.

Also basically all events are completely non-canon. There are a few that are, namely the Dantes event, SE.RA.PH, and Musashi’s trial quest, but I think that’s it. In everything else they can just do whatever the hell they want.

It operates on the in-game logic. If you can summon a Lostbelt king then they’re in Chaldea during events because events always operate as if you summoned every servant that’s currently playable in the game.

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yeah getting all servant lorewise will be like have overpowered servants do all work and done like sent ozymandias and gil killing lostbelt king wi8th their laughter.

they just put everyone there. elite gamer mozart

Zasshu, how dare you questioning my event?

Screw the timeline, i’m inviting all servants to come here



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Similar question can be asked, why is Da Vinci still normal and not in her new form ?

Gil 2


If this was a Q&A you would have earned the solution prize.

I think that by the games’ logic all the servants from the summoning pool are already in Chaldea so if they show up after they’ve been introduced in the story or another event it’s assumed you “have” them. But yeah, common sense isn’t really the norm in FGO.