How dark is Fire Emblem?

Without going into much detail, to avoid spoilers and the like, is Three Houses a super dark entry, or am I just not used to the standard? I only played SoV, so I genuinely don’t know. Are the series’ earlier entries as dark as this one?


:thinking: I haven’t seen the worst of it, but yeah, it gets pretty dark. FE4 especially.


Three Houses is a bit darker than normal from what I remember :thinking:
I haven’t played though, so maybe I have it all wrong :upside_down_face:


Definitely dark. Darkest of any of the games.


So far i’ve find it dark, but less than GotHW.
MUCH better plot than the two last FE though

Most FE’s have a sense of darkness to them.

FE1-3 has the implication of unrequited love literally leading to Hardin loosing his soul. (Poor Hardin man)

FE4 has Incest, literal child hunts by a dark god, and a lot of socio political commentary on the things leaders do for their people (like become evil to stop them from starving like Travant).

FE5 is dark ish but mostly a rebel based game.

FE6 is dark because it shows how horrid humans are in their world (pretty bad).

FE8 has a dude betraying the entirety of his friends to bring his dead wife back, and she can’t even talk. Not to mention Lyon’s insecurities leading him to be taken over my the literal devil. And his existence is to be erased no matter what he does now that he fell to his wiles initially, with no way of backsies.

FE9-10 is crazy dark. Like the amount of rampant racism and hatred that each race has towards one another is almost disgusting. Albeit the entire story is about how that’s naturally wrong. So it has a good story in the end. Hell, the Goddess in their world flooded the entirety of existence after her initial creation started killing itself (as humans tend to do), and she felt so sorrowful she pretty much split herself in two and chose to not awaken again.

Hell, Awakening and Fates are dark.

Awakening’s story all begins because Chrom’s dad tries to wipe out the Plegian people from the face of the earth to avoid Robin’s rise to power. Like, Chrom’s father literally attempted to commit genocide against his neighbors because of Robin’s birth. Not to mention Grima literally kills every living being in existence and makes them zombies because he says human’s are horrid.

And Fates has a bunch of dark things. The Concubine Wars, Anankos’ backstory in general. Garon’s ■■■■■■■■ problem. Hoshido’s problem with racism (both sides are racist but Hoshidans have this air of arrogance about them).

Overall, every Fire Emblem has from fragment of a really dark story in there. Some more than othres (Genealogy, Awakening, Tellius Saga)


FE7 be like:


Also you spelt darkness wrong at the beginning :doublelion:


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Sorry then.

But FE7 is dark because of people ripping others’ souls out and pretty much turning them into mindless puppets.

Though, in reality it’s life essence but that’s semantics.

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Also FE2 which has you pretty much fighting people whose souls have been replaced with literal embodiments of mindless zombies, and a dark god that went from “be strong” to, “I must kill you all” in 5 seconds.

And FE5 is the same as FE4. But on a smaller, less visual scale.

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Fire Emblem is very bright, but if you put water on it, the flames extinguish and so you don’t have any more light and it becomes dark


Even feh got pretty dark. Gunnthra was killed in front of fjorm. Leagjarn also died when she killed herself for her sister, and what Hel did to Eir (killing her over and over again for power) is pretty dark.

Yeah, hard to take FEH seriously though. On account of well… I dunno. Maybe how cute the little sprites are?

Play FE4 lol

I’m currently playing through FE4. People claim that it is basically the darkest game in the series.

Arvis is kinda funny
He married someone because she looks like his mother lol
There’s a reason why she looks like your mother

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I was also reading the Oosawa FE4 manga and saw Arvis and Deirdre’s relationship. (I just don’t want to spoil anyone who hasn’t played FE4 or read the manga.)

For me every fire emblem is dark, it’s the only thing that I hace to say

And so, just Emblem remains.

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