How did you all build your ross?

Alright. I need a green unit for arena. Was going to use G!Hinata for this but the last 3 ross manuals decided to show up before distant Foil so fine. I’ll merge him up for now. I’ve got a +def Ross but can change the IV’s at a later point so I’m open to any suggestions. What are some good Ross builds you’ve seen?

This one:

Hammer is a good pick for Arena. Maybe with WoM too.


you killed hinata you monster and ok. I didn’t think he was that fast. Kind regret manualing the +spd copies

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Also that isn’t really an arena build. Guessing he works really well for you in ar tho

It was an Arena build in his bonus season :fgo_moriartysmile:

Yeah I mainly use him in AR, he does pretty good. Just needs some swapping around.


How did you build your ross?


@Demonic_Platypus has a spicy Ross.


I can’t +10 her though. I really don’t care to build Ross but I lack both the fodder and grails for hinata

@Krazytre get in here
Ross is pretty flexible. Can be offensive or defensive. Mainly stands out from Echidna by having a higher Atk stat. I think he could make for a good Galeforcer.


Pretty sure @krazytre built theirs as a fast galeforcer but I’m more of en enemy phase player. But if it works I’m open to suggestions

I have two builds on him, galeforce build which is what I mainly use and an arena build which is just there to be supportive and score well.


Why don’t you use his lull in arena?

Also I though Ross was more of an enemy phase unit I’m shocked at how many people give him galeforce

Here’s my Ross the Boss Arena build;

Huge Fan+ is too good.

He’s strong in EP but you can use something like Slaying Axe/Hammer with Galeforce and Heavy Blade 3 for offensive builds.


Well I have Duo ephraim and og Hector so I could give him DC and lull atk/def… Would still need a 300sp c slot but could work. That’s pretty much what I wanted to do with g!hinata(distant foil/lull atk/def,qr3 for a l!chrom shredder)

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Here is my offensive take on him. (Still need Galeforce)


Yeah y’all are really making me wish I had held onto one of the +spd copies instead of turning them all into books

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I find him very flexible no matter the IVs.

Brave Axe+ Death Blow 3 + Heavy Blade Galeforce with can work wonders for hin since his atk is naturally good.

Since yours is +Def, you can build him as a tank for now before you get your wanted IVs. Lull Atk/Def with Swift stance 2/Spd/Res Solo 3 can work very well.


Yeah thanks for the advice!

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I think I might go HB4/lull/galeforce on him to separate him from g!hinata. Units with inheritable weapons can run quickened pulse as long as they have 300sp a and c slots right?(without losing scoring)

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Nope nvm he definitely cannot. That sucks. Gonna be a pain to get galeforce charged with brave axe then but whatever

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