How did you build Nanna?

I feel I wasted like 20k feather on my +Spd,-Hp Nanna.
She has nothing special. I know her main role is healing but at least the other healers are good in some other aspects. But I feel my Nanna doesnt. Her main problem is her very VERY low Attack. She has 34, even my Wrys has higher attack. But Wrys also has 39 resistence but my Nanna has very bad defenses.

How would ypu work on her? I love her because she is so pretty but i dont have idea how to use her.


A lot of healers with similar stats can be built the same way. Nanna is probably one of the easiest due to access to merges. Depending on where you use her, you can run something like:

Pain+ / Panic+ (Wrathful or Dazzling refine depending on your availability for the B slot)
Miracle (flexible, but this is the most universally helpful)

Atk/Spd Solo / Atk/Spd Bond / a simple atk or spd boost because there aren’t many options
Dazzling/Wrathful Staff
Hone Cavalry / Savage Blow / Flexible

EDIT: Completely forgot to mention Savage Blow as an option for the C slot (thanks Krazy). If running Pain+, this is her best choice.


That’s because Nanna is, by every sense of the word, a healer. She’s not like Veronica that can have amazing attack and speed and a broken prf, or like Azama or Lissa or Eirika and have good mixed bulk. She’s a healer that is meant for healing.

Of course that can change as she gets more merges, and there are things like Pain+, but she doesn’t really stand out as anything special.

Just use Pain+ Dazzling refine with dual Savage Blow and she’s pretty much set.


Konfuzi Kokon did a amazing job with Nanna’s updated artwork, I built her up too last year partially for that reason and I like the Genealogy/ Thracia series

About your concern with her Attack stat, you could wait until you pull a +atk iv of her and merge your current +spd one into that one but keep in mind, it’s already really low to begin with. The staff she comes with, Absorb, also has a really low atk mt at 7 I think, average inheritable staffs clock at 10 and some go up to 12. If you have another 3/4* healer that has the Pain, Panic or Gravity staff, id unlock that character to 5* and inherit it to her.

Also, your Nanna is not merged yet so her stats are gonna look really weak especially for a frail unit like her. Even at +10, she is still mainly a supportive unit like others have said but with the standard Pain build and buffs, she can be pretty offensive. Don’t give up on her, you’ll feel 100% accomplished and happy when you finally get all the tools and things you need for your healer at the end. Another thing I can suggest is to watch older youtube videos of Lu Bu Feng Xian, he mainly focuses on using max merged healers, you can see a lot of his builds and he’s entertaining to listen to.

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