How did you kill the final boss in SE.RA.PH?

I killed the nerfed Devilish Bodhisattva (and will chose the option of my poll as such) but I want to see what everybody else used.

  • Nerfed Version
  • Un-nerfed Version

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EDIT: Changed name from boss to Devilish Bodhisattva to erase confusion


Whip only version because I hate myself


Think I’ll count that as un-nerfed

I have only bothered to 3T the whip only version with Melt this time since I had already cleared un-nerfed one on the rerun.


I used Mash, the highest friend Alter-Ego I found was a lvl 90 Melt I believe, then finished the top line with my first tank girl Jinako Carigiri, then filled the backline with Lip, and both Mecha-Eli-Chan’s and I still could’ve relaced Mash with my own lvl 90 Melt (but with unbuffed skills).


Where is the option for both of these and Whip-only?. There are at least three ways to do this even if we don’t count everything in-between :wink:


I did the DB version twice already so i went with the nerfed version this time, we can do it whenever we want now anyway.

The only version i never did is the buffed heaven’s hole version which i remember was actually the hardest, so that’s what i aim to do in the future.

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Nerfed version with a Melt/Skadi team because I beat the two hard modes last year.

For those who don’t know what I mean by two hard modes this is the difficulty:

Whip only>No nerfs>>>>>nerfed Kiara


I’ll do other ways later. To clear it I just went with nerfs.

Well can’t add it now apparently you can only edit a poll for 15 mins.

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I wanted to test clay’s raw damage this time around, so~


It’s no biggie. A lot of people did this quest during the original run and/or rerun. This time I nerfed the hell out of her right away so that I could go get it done on the other account. She’ll be sticking around from now on, so plenty of time to try more challenge runs.


I fully nerfed her this time since I just wanted the lore. Went once with a double Skadi-Melt with plug BBikini to lock in an NPQQ, and a second run with my Kiara and Merlin/Tamamo to get rid of that annoying new-quest bubble. I’ll loop back around and try out some new compositions for unnerfed and whip-only in due time no there’s no hurry, but I already got most of them out of my system on the rerun.


On my first try, I had to do a somewhat nerfed version. On my second run, I did the full power version with stall steam featuring a friend Merlin.

Third try I simply didn’t have the energy to fight her so I nerfed her at full this time.


i don’t have nor the time nor the energy to do the unnerfed version this week to be honest


I think at one point in time I did the un-nerfed version. But even if I didn’t, I don’t have the will to grind my way through that sort of thing again. At least not right now.

Took the story in the way it was intended. Slapping on a bunch of nerfs and letting Melt get her revenge by kicking Kiara around mercilessly.


In related news I decided to do KP the fast way


So who all exaclty did you use for that outcome? Was going to do that fight in a bit so curious what servants and CEs you used.

I did it fully buffed in the past so this time I just went full nerfs. I just used that hulked out NPC friend Melt they give you with a Skadi and some other chargers and just completely ruined Kiara almost instantly. Arash was also there briefly because I forgot to take him out of my front line lol.

Summer nobu and a bunch of supports