How did your summons go in Lost Heroes?


For a 3 week player here, my luck was great. I went through Marth 4 times, Fjorm twice, and one Veronica, with other 5* Adventurers as well. I’m still short on dragon choices, so hopefully the next sessions will give me more useful ones.


I was actually pretty lucky too, tho Marth took a while I did finally get him on the last pull, got about 4 or 5 Fjorms and 2 Veronicas plus a couple of dupe 5*s (went through a dupe Lily and then a dupe Maribelle before I got a Veronica) as well as a dupe Zephyr and a dupe Poseidon and my first Cupid.


my luck was terrible :frowning: I got Veronica 3 times and thats it…didnt get Marth nor Fjorm, and I played Dragalia just for this Feh collab. I even bought diamantiums and did both premium summons.
but looking at the bright side at least I got one of them, and I love the game so I will continue to play it, and I am hoping next year they return so I can get them :smile:


Only did summons on the first day and got all three rate-ups in less than 10 tenfolds.

…plus an Annelie as a side bonus.


Took me about 20 tenfolds to get Marth, the other two I got in the first 3 or 4 and ended up getting Fjorm like 7 times! I don’t think I pulled a single 5* dragon, but the tons of eldwater I received from all the dupes was nice


Took me probably 20 tenfolds to only get 1 Fjorm… that’s it.
Multiple dups of Xander, Naveed and Julietta.

Seems like the worst luck here :confused:


I had fairly good luck. I had some dupes but I got all three FE units in about a week. I also got Sylas, Zephyr, and two Prometheus unbinds.