How do charged TMs work?

Let me get this straight. For example, my Magnezone has Flash Cannon, if I use a charged TM, I will have a 50% chance of either getting Zap Cannon or Wild Charge. Let’s say I used a charged TM and unfortunately got Zap Cannon, do I have 100% chance of getting Wild Charge because I already had Zap Cannon and Flash Cannon before, or do I have a chance of getting Flash Cannon again?

You have a chance of getting Flash Cannon again.


Does that rule apply for fast TMs as well?

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Yes, if that species has at least three possible fast moves (most species have only two).


Whenever you use a TM, it has an equal chance of giving any move other than the current one. If something has five possible charged moves, then a charged TM will give you a 25% chance of getting any of the other four moves. It has no memory, for any moves it may have previously known. The TM doesn’t cause your move to cycle through a set order, or anything.

That’s why you sometimes see advice, if you want a particular charged move on your perfect Machamp (for example), to unlock the second charged move before using a TM. Since it won’t change to either of the two moves it already has, you increase your chance of getting the good move from 33% to 50%, and you’re much less likely to just flop between two bad moves indefinitely (until you run out of charged TMs).