How do I build this Muspell + Summoning Salt

So I’ve been saving orbs since about right before L! Byleth for Constance. I saved to about 750 orbs and got… this.

I have absolutely no interest in Muspell, but he’s now by far my highest merged 5* exclusive. How do I build this dude? There’s such a small amount of good skills that a dragon/cav can use, and since he doesn’t have some sort of auto follow up, I’m not sure how good he can be. Would Distant Counter be an interesting usage outside of AR-D? Any better B skill than Dragon Wall? I figured for an S slot he’ll probably want Quick Riposte.

Follow up question: How do I cope with the despair that i got eight copies of Muspell with no interest for him, while I got 3 copies (plus spark) of Constance, who is my favorite Fire Emblem character and unit i’ve been saving months for?


While that is painful, 3 of the unit you want in 750 orbs isn’t really too bad. Obviously not good but I’ve spent that much and more and not got who I’ve been after at all. Focus on the fact she’s here, she’s gorgeous, she’s good and you’ve got her.

For the dumb dragon, a tier 4 stance and QR seal is all I can think of. Personally I’d have handed out Dragon Wall to any dragon with usable resistance. After seeing the TT ending, I hope to get him as I’ll enjoy killing him.


For the record, you’re a little above the 75th percentile for Constance copies, and well below the 25th percentile for Muspell copies, from punching stuff into the Orb calculator. So not the worst luck in the world, but still a tad unfortunate

Dragon’s Ire is the main alternative to Wall for him; as cavalry, he’s kind of restricted on B skills. Trace and Lulls are options, too. You can potentially just try to focus on his one shot potential with Domain of Flame as well.


Yeah Muspell is kind of in a alkward position because he don’t have follow-up, but with his high atk and C slot, he can deal pretty good dmg and be a potential OS machine, like your Muspell with DB4 without Lull B slot reach 84atk, with his C slot, against a 40res he gain 13dmg, 10dmg against 50res and 7dmg against 60res.

In short he would gain at least 8-9dmg, putting him at 90+atk, that’s not bad at all for a OS machine. Outside of armored and DR tank, not a lot of thing can survive this.
I would go all out for OS machine with DB4 as A slot (or surge if you can afford) lull atk/res B slot with moonbow as special.

For real his C slot is so much better than L!Hector remix…
They better give him an absolutely bonker refine IS! because his C slot was shafted hard


DC/Dragon’s Ire. Forces foe to bait him and suffer through fatal smoke.


Muspell is a strange unit being a cav / tank. I suppose he can be compared to Duessel/S! Freyr and Zeke and while the 3 of them have guaranteed follow ups, Muspell hits RES which is valuable.

Having all this in consideration, and his weapon being fatal smoke, I’d build him as a hit and run unit with A/R trace and some atk boosting A skill

I also see him as a EP tank, I just think there are better units for that


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hope that was helpful


Múspell is meant to be an annoying unit to face. Tank everything and punish other tanks inflicting fatal smoke even if he dies. He also grants a great support with his c skill and brave users/ vantage units benefit with him.

I would keep dragon wall because it increases his tankines and replace his A skill with DC or stance depending on which units you would pair him. For his seal slot quick rispote or mystic boost are good options.