How do i make a 3 turn clear team

Yeah, right after that lotto, I went from feeling like:

To feeling like:



i don’t have that version of herc

You don’t need to have him. You just have to borrow him. That Herc’s grailed, but level 80’s enough most of the time. Ask friends from here to put up their Herc’s (Almost everybody have a pocket Herc nowadays). The friend support thread could help you with that.

i don’t have any fgo friends i just follow random high level people on fgo

Well, you could try here. A lot are actually willing to help if you ask nicely.

I would be fine adding you, but I’m unfortunately full atm.

Well, as I said earlier, you’re welcome to follow me and use my Herc. Click on my avatar icon for my friend code.

Ah yes, you could follow me too. I just put up my Herc for use.

FC’s 798, 943, 191.

Also a day 1 master here, they rotated what mat they gave you before tickets. I don’t remember all of them, but for a while it was proofs. Then maybe dust after that? Anyway, tickets giving a choice of 1 of 3 mats is much better. So, all you new players, be thankful for mat tickets! :fgo_stunned:


what are mat tickets

Those things that show up in your box everyday. They let you pick 1 out of 3 “rewards.” The rewards are always items you can use for leveling up servants or skills

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i know why’d you trying to explain this to me???

Now that you mentioned it I think there were bones as well. But I wasn’t as dedicated a player back then so maybe I just happened to pop in when dust was on the menu and on break when other mats were up :fgo_arashsmile:

should i buy an account





Yes, that sounds right. And yet we still all ended up in bone hell, lol.


like im probably not going too but it seems rlly tempting

3 turn farming.

At your stage of the game, you don’t really need to do that.
when i started playing i just used overleveled supports to clear story.
those supports can basically 1 punch the mobs

what was i supposed to do for a team again i don’t have a heraclese