How do I save up to summon a +10 Seasonal?

I’m gonna be upfront with you guys; I love Summer Ingrid. So much so, that I made this account specifically to ask how to save up over the year so I can get a +10 Summer Ingrid. I don’t think I have the willpower yet to get through CYL and all the way until next summer to +10 her. So, to all the people who’ve obtained +10 5* exclusives: How do I achieve this level of power?


Maybe not reclaiming the log-in bonus orbs ? Don’t tap on that cute Feh for a year and you’ll be okay, prob.


I haven’t but I think it takes an average of 2k orbs, if you save 1k between now and December when she is likely coming back and 1k between December and next July with some luck that should be enough


I haven’t got a +10 5* exclusive but lol better copy paste this


Also to note we get around 300 orbs every month at max, so working with a basis of 1800 orbs, it’s around 6 months of hard saving

Coincidentally, there’s 6 months until a chance of a rerun for seasonals :feh_bylethsmile:

It is possible to get her to +10 if you don’t spend a single orb for the next 6 months. Or if you spend half your orbs over the next year




Aye, join the orb-savers thread. Suffer and celebrate with us as we go through our orb-saving trials.

I don’t have a +10 L!Roy yet, but I hopefully will in a few weeks unless I absolutely get screwed with RNG.

Keep these approximate numbers in mind:

And ask yourself why you wanna do this. Every goal needs to have a reason or else you won’t have enough motivation to push through with this much saving. What do you love about Summer Ingrid? Why do you want to +10 her instead of just having her at low merges? How willing are you to go through at least 10 months of no summoning for Summer Ingrid?

Answer those questions and use those to fight temptations for other stuff that pops out in the game. And good luck, because that’s hell you’re walking into.


Just do like any other permanent pool unit you wanna +10 ; you keep saving, that’s it. There’s no magic trick that makes it easier one way or the other ; it’s just dedication and patience.


This seems to be the popular strategy to keeping your orbs safe (by not collecting them). Just remember to collect the limited time orbs (they should have an expiration date on them or whatever).


Rob a bank


cc strat

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It’s simple in concept, but mentally difficult. Just don’t spend any orbs you receive until S!Ingrid (re)appears. Plan out when she might appear (only really as a rerun around the same time of her original debut each year, plus Double Special Heroes banners about half a year after her debut) so you can establish expectations with yourself. Tell yourself that any orbs that do not go to her have to be for a more important hero than her that is absolutely essential, and otherwise you cannot spend them except on her.

Of course, IS will throw temptations your way–you just have to stick to your convictions. You can join us in the ongoing orb count thread, we can help hold you…accountable. :feh_royyes::hocho:


Try not to listen to people opinions about new heroes that come, not because their opinion doesn’t matter xD but because you can start to think you want a hero only because others are talking about how good it is.


@nobody625 ‘s post is very helpful, definitely read that. Be sure you know why you want the units or fodder on your wish list, because there will be things that pop up that you didn’t know in advance that you wanted. When that happens, knowing why you’re resisting spending orbs is vital to convincing yourself to keep saving or to spend some.

For example, what build(s) are you going to run? What fodder do you have for that and what fodder do you need to acquire? Are you going to pick fodder up before you pick up the unit, or only after? The best way to pick up fodder these days are the 40-summons free-summon units (“sparks”), where you can guarantee getting at least one copy of a unit. If you pull full circles, you need 135 orbs to do that. If you snipe one color, you need 150-175, so having at least that much on hand for random fodder on new banners is very useful.


Here is my two cents.

First of all - i would try as much as you can until the banner ends. you could be very lucky. (i was this lucky when it came to +10ing My Valentine Alm - the bright side there was that he was green and i happened to get a lot of green orbs and i got a few copies in a circle).

after the banner ends:

we get a median of 300 orbs a month. (some months less, some months more, it usually comes out in the wash). find out what kind of person you are (can you have a huge number orbs orbs and be okay with it? do you need to have them “hidden”? (Ie: only do quests for orbs, don’t do normal/hard story modes for orbs, etc)

because it’s a seasonal - it’s gonna be harder. They’re not gonna appear as pity breakers or on “Heroes with Banners” you will only have 2 shots. in year one with the best odds. the Debut Banner (with the pool “shortened” and Double Special Heroes where it could be easy/or tough you just don’t know). just mentally prepare yourself for that.

I’d arguably say - unless you are these people who simply just “lock down” all summoning desires. (i admire these people. budget within your budget - orbs to spend. You can spend about 150 orbs and still have a healthy amount to summon on DSH in about December so you’re looking about 900/1000ish orbs . Having the mind set that you "CAN"summon, sometimes makes it easier NOT to summon if this makes sense.

If you do summon or blow your monthly stash (or even a bit). it’s fine. i mean it will hurt your end goal, but at the end of the day it’s fine. we’ll help you make lemonade out of it.

you can participate in the orb saving thread (we’ve basically become a commune in here, so it’sall fun and sometimes it goes fast, but we mostly catch everything).

I will say. (and heck i’ve pulled out my wallet from time to time. and i’ve saved a lot from time to time) regardless HOW you want to do it, it’s tough +10ing a Seasonal (or any unit). you have to be lucky sometimes. or be patient if you are doing it the long haul. but if you wanna do it.I believe you can, and we can help you during the drought.


As above,you gotta not summon,
but at least try to get a copy of her before the banner leaves.

It is going to be tough, assuming 6 months for her Double Special Banner placement, its going to be xmas and thats full of big banners.

With the average 300 orbs per month,you’ll have 1800 orbs by then,which should pretty safely get it unless your luck is trash(50th percentile)

, but lets say you give yourself a summoning allowance of 20 orbs a week.
6 months = 26.017 weeks
26 weeks * 20 orbs = 520 orbs allowance
1800 total - 520 allowance = 1280 orbs
Its not enough to safely say youll get +10 but its a bit safer to say youd getat least +5, even if youre luck sucks 75th percentile

And still be able to summon enough to say get one new unit that you realy want at least every second month.


Other “Tipp/Trick”

invest some €€€ / $$$ if you can afford it :smiley:

just save the orbs and dont summon, its not that hard

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