How do people summon for the 40th summon?

Whenever you get a guaranteed unit after the 40th summon, I’ve seen people do it in different ways. Some will pull all colors (like myself) for orb efficiency. But I’ve seen others only summon on orbs with focus units (for example, on the recent banner with Kris, there is no green focus unit so they didn’t summon on greens). Is it better to only summon on colors with focus units (like on any banner) or just summon on every color?


You summon 40 times


Sniping the color you want is more efficient imo

Then you can bail if you get them early or you can keep going and guarantee a merge or another unit on the banner


People go full circles if they’re budgeting and at least want a spark

People color snipe if they have the orbs and they really want a certain unit specifically


I’m only pulling for the colors I want


I full summon every time, I try to use my orbs as effectively as possible


If I’m willing to pull on a banner for the spark at all, it’s because I want something on the banner, be it a specific favorite character, or a needed fodder. So for me, it’s always better to snipe colors. While it cost a little more in orbs, it’s better to aim for more copies of a unit you like or fodder options, than to just pull whatever.


I just snipe for the color I want the most and use the 40th to either get a merge for it, good fodder or a ‘‘really helpful unit’’.
I know it will cost a little more, but I find it way more rewarding because of the higher chance of profit.


Full circles unless there is no new unit on a color.

Thats avoided unless i have a need for fodder.

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generally speaking, I usually have a “second wanted” unit. For example ,on the Fallen banner, I wanted both Fallen Lyon and julia, but I really really wanted Julia. So I pulled on both red and green. If i got one or the other, I knew i’d spark for the other. If I got neither, I’d spark Julia.

So far, I haven’t pulled to spark on a banner without such a case. But I suppose that if I did, I’d still snipe in hopes that I’d get that unit without spending quite as many orbs as sparking would take. If it was close, I’d continue on to get the merge. If not, i’d stop pulling to save on orbs.


Here’s how I do it, and how I think other people should if they don’t wanna rely on luck or wanna save orbs.

If going for two copies of one unit (for merge or fodder) or want two different units:

Snipe that colour until you get one copy within the 40 summons. If you don’t that’s a shame, you’re gonna have to snipe over that limit. If you get a copy well within the 40 summons (like 20 summons in or something) then go full circles from there. If you want two different units snipe the one with the better colour

If going for +10:

Snipe always. There’s nothing else to it. You’re gonna be hitting the 40 summons anyways, and sniping has always been better than full circles for +10ing for obvious reasons.

If going for one copy (for fodder or keep):

Pull full circles

It can obviously go in more depth than that, but those are the most common three scenarios: one copy, two copies, or eleven.


I only did it for mirabilis and went the way of orb efficiency. Same if CYL have the spark.

If it were a banner I want to spend a lot of orbs, I’d snipe without caring much about orbs.


Since I usually go for one copy of each character, for me, the best approach is to ignore any color that doesn’t have a 5* exclusive focus unit (and ignore those colors after I got the focus unit). Then I spark the 5* focus hero I did not manage to get. It might be slightly less cost efcicient orb wise, but I’ve been able to get all 5* focus units from all the new heroes banners except for Fallen Lyon (who I got from his skill banner rerun).

For the revival banners, I snipe for the units I don’t have or want merges for (in this case it was Dimitri and Duo Ephraim) and pull until I got them. If that happens to be before the sparkling (like it did for both), then I stop (although I’m kinda regretting it now, as I could have had an extra Duo Ephraim and FByleth, but that would have meant not having enough orbs for the next new heroes banner…).

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I don’t think I’ve ever sparked on a Revival Banner. The only times I’ve ever sparked a unit were for Lilith and Say’ri. If CYL4 has it, then of course I will spark. The only Revival Banner I’m planning to spark is Heirs of Light next month since I’m trying to get merges on Altena and Larcei with Shannan as a good consolation prize if he shows up instead.

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So when I summon on the Heirs of Light Revival next month in which I want to summon for Altena and Larcei merges (won’t mind Shannan as I have a +Atk, -Spd one and also want to give Steady Posture 3 to Say’ri), I should only summon on reds and blues?


i go for orb efficiency because its 155 orbs if you do full circle till the 40th summon

and i just save my tickets if they have a bonding event which brings the orb price down by 25 (free ticket+free summon)

probably messed up my maths but you get what im sayin


Yeah that’s a good plan then by my reckoning