How do trainer levels affect Pokemon levels in trading?


how do trainer levels affect Pokemon levels in trading?
I found this question asked quite often and answered even more often on The Internet, however evidently not correctly, or at least not entirely correctly. The common answer is “the level will be reduced to the level of the receiving trainer +2”. However I just traded a level 35 Machop to a level 32 trainer and the level remained at 35. So how does fit with the above formula?
Fwiw: the trade was symmetric, i.e. the Machop was caught at level 35 (weatherboosted) by both trainers. And it was cloudy at the time the trade was made but I hope that’s not relevant. :slight_smile:

According to my experiences, I believe it’s actually trainer level + 5 , not +2

Pokémon level is rounded down to the nearest whole number in a trade, regardless of trainer level.

Thanks. I can confirm that a level 38 'mon traded to a level 33 trainer stayed 38.

Not completly true, try giving a level 35 pokemon to a level 20 trainer you will see that the pokemon will loose a lot of CP/HP (levels) to my experience it is trainer level + 2 (just as the trainer could power his pokemon up) so the level 35 would become a level 22 with a level 20 trainer :wink:

You’re welcome! ^-^

Think she’s referring to levels in between. So a level 28.5 traded would round down to level 28.

I think that when trading originally came out, it was limited to trainer level - I did a trade with a lower level player, and the received pokemon was the same level as the trainer. Then they bumped it to trainer level +2, with the idea that a trainer could power up to their level +2. After that, they decided that a trainer could catch a weather buffed one at 5 levels above the trainer level, so they switched to +5. I’ve seen trades where the pokemon level has been reduced to each of the levels above, but I can’t give specific dates for when the changes happened. AFAIK it’s currently +5, and will probably stay there for some time. I strongly suspect that the source of the confusion above is that the level has changed over time.

I “tried” a trade with a lvl 33 trainer

Level 35 pokemon oké
Level 37 pokemon exclamation mark (level will be reduced)
Level 40 pokemon exclamation mark (level will be reduced)

I know this isn’t conclusive evidence but it atleast shows that for the trades we tried +2 was possible +4 (or more) wasn’t…