How do you build H!Tikian?

Pulled one on the DSH banner and other than their PRF C, what else am I supposed to put on them?

Their base kit is fine, just wondering if there’s anything else that works really well.

Currently +spd at +1, but I don’t really have any intent of pulling or merging further.


I’ve seen DC Vantage a few times

Works pretty well


Yeah, DC/Vantage is how I run her, and is probably the best you can get. Her attack stacking abilities are ridiculous, and it’s pretty easy to one-shot most threats.


I’ll vote for a set around [Distant Counter] and [Vantage] too, since they naturally get to stack a lot of attack, it’s also worth noting they even have an attack superboon (which helps but isn’t needed) in case you ever get to pull a copy, I’d recommend against using [Trait Fruits] unless you don’t have plans to use them elsewhere.
I made you the build, as budget as possible and to get a graphic idea of the stats she gets:

But if you got someone with triple {Tactic} build like Seth then I’m thinking of [Joint Drive Atk] instead and an [Ally Support] to further boost the amount of attack the Harmonic gets. :feh_maethink:


I just don’t really know if I want to give her DC since I don’t plan on using her that much.


Just give her everything: HB4, Divebomb, Atk/Spd catch, trace, all 5 reins, dual threat. Atk/Res, special fighter, galeforce, a cookie, your allowance, she deserves it all.

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DC vantage as others have said. Her basekit is good, maybe with dive bomb in b for premium.

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