How do you build Hana (the stabby one)

I have 900k feathers, again, because feather farming never ends. I’m looking at common projects, and since I recently finished Birthright, I decided one of my major carries would be the next common project. So, Hana it is. Yes, the sword one, I don’t have grails to spare for Ninja Hana.


No, I’m saving them in case I need them later!

Anyway, my problem is I have no idea what I’m doing with base Hana. For context, I like to run prf weapons with their skill refines whenever available. I like having them use what’s unique to them. But I can’t think of anything particularly…effective for her. It feels like she has a lot of options, but none are particularly great. I did try to think about options with the fodder I have on hand. I’ll put those under a cut. I don’t love any of them.


While skills can be somewhat mixed and matched, they’re set up because of easy fodder: first build just takes Catherine, second just takes NY!Velouria, and the third is stupidly high investment and probably a poor decision! The first is focused on Galeforce, which is possibly good, but has the issue of not being fast enough for Flashing Blade, and not having any faster cooldown. The second is more mixed phase, but I feel like it doesn’t make her fast enough, and also isn’t as good with her refine. The third aims to maximize her speed and play to damage reduction, then aim for heavy hits to sustain with Noontime, using Threaten to punish ranged attackers that can’t take her down. But this might be stupid, I’ve never tried a set like this.

So I’m asking if anyone’s had any great success with base Hana, and what your builds are like. Any suggestions are welcome, though preference is for using her prf and refine.


As soon as I seen the Grails I was about to say “I thought you said Stabby one not the Choppy one”, then I opened the hidden part


Hm I just use this

and sometimes with galeforce


This build gives her every stat she’ll need to secure a kill and not take as much damage (I could give her DR,but na)


I need those grails! Just in case! What if they released Limstella and a seasonal Julia or something in the same month? That’s like 5000 grails, I need to have a buffer!

In complete seriousness, I tend to stockpile until I hit 7k, and then pick a project. I’m eyeing Arvis as the next one, unless they drop something more interesting on me in the meantime. I just…have tremendous trouble justifying Tempest Trial units. 2700 is so much for a unit with no PRF who’s just waiting to get stat crept into irrelevance.

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I’ve only built 2 (going to be 3) grail units… who all will not have a refine for a long while sadly, but yah I can understand the reason to save Grails, I have almost 8k myself until next month rolls around

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I also have only two fully built, but that’s kinda cheating because I’m waiting on Eremiya’s last copy, and I could finish Clarisse I just can’t justify 400 grails for one (1) point in defense and resistance when she’s got a Firesweep effect.

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Hana: Has katana

“Hana (the stabby one)”


No, I have nothing constructive to add.


But Annie, aren’t all swords for stabbing :fgo_ishtarpuppyeyes:


I’m glad you specified the stabby one as opposed to the sweepy one


Nin-janitor team #represent

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See, in terms of stats you can’t, but that +9 will bother you forever.

(well maybe not you, but it would drive me crazy)


IDK… I mean, what about the Buster Sword, kinda hard to actually stab someone with that

People get stabbed with boxcutters, same principle but larger

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Larger by like a million… im not saying it’s impossible to stab someone with it, but it’s more used for Slashing than Thrusting. I mean how often do you see any of the characters who wielded it used it for Thrusting over Slashing

My point is, it’s possible and not that hard. Granted, it takes more strength to stab with it than to slash, but given the general shape, it can be used for it, impractical as it may be.

And again, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but do to its sheer size and weight alone trying to stab someone with it as you said would take a lot of strength… and I mean just to swing it would require even more strength to keep it under control and not have it go flying out of your hands

When slashing, gravity and momentum do most of the work for you. Getting control of the swing after? Good luck. You aren’t stopping that much weight until it stops itself on contact with something else.

Holding it level enough to thrust would be working against gravity and it’s sheer mass wanting to dip down actually takes significantly more strength than to swing, but less strength than what’s required to control an in-motion swing.

Which is why I mentioned that when Slashing it would require even more strength to even have a chance to control it… Super human strength with that massive of a weapon, kinda the reason why Cloud can hold it with 1 hand, and swing it without losing grip of it

But anyways, let’s just leave the Buster Blade where it belongs… in fantasy. The amount of strength you’d need to use it in either way is just way to much, tho an exosuit should be able to help use it to a point

But its fantasy so clearly its been enchanted with a featherweight spell.

Well, technically, the weapon wasn’t enhanced, the people who have wielded it are Super Soldiers… who have Superhuman strength