How do you build your Temari Eirs and Milas?

I’m curious how far you guys go with your light offense mythic stat boosting for support. It’s probably better to have a look at it on the field when it hits my defenses but I’d like to see how high you guys get your res and def stats can currently get (AKA don’t give me unit builder builds).

I think Temari Eir and Mila’s Sabotage Atk are two of the many reasons why Dark Defense is ultra-suffer. I don’t think it’s too feasible to use a combination of Chill Res and Chill Def (for Mila’s isolation, it’s very likely she gets hit by it) with Dark Shrines to lessen their effectivity post-turn 1, but I’m still planning to do it anyway for my defenses.

Mila is just a ball of stats and her AR skills. Unless you need her to tank some fools, I just use double chills and her base kit

Eir was a labor of love who has so many skills that I forget exactly what role she’s played on my team, but this build has a lot of functionality on my team


Eir is pretty standard, but I replaced Sabotage Atk with a Link on Mila because having Temari + Sabotage Atk is kinda redundant


:feh_eiriana_grande: :feh_tikiga:


Speed Mila :racing_car:


Not the best IVs but only Def/Res matter much anyways :feh_flaynsmile:


refuse to use mila on principle

used to refuse to use temari on a different but related principle but started getting my ass kicked

abandoned aforementioned principle

now use eir +1 +spd/ fort def res 3/disarm trap/boost/fort res seal, hits like 45


Geez, Eirs and Milas hitting close to 50 res values just straight up win the checks lmao. Them getting hit by chill res still needs low 40 defensive stats to dodge them, and that’s just not feasible without mythic support/sacrificing skills for visible stats that also hurt offensive output.

I guess it still doesn’t hurt to invest into some chills on defense either way, but the consistency of sabotages on offense is just… ugh.

Me too… (nevermind the fact I couldn’t get her in 200+ orbs…)

It’s funny… using Temari for Light Eir is like telling twins “I want YOU, but your sister can go home”

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If they wanted us to use Nu-Eir they should have kept her colorless and not made her dagger inheritable.

I blame IS for poor planning



And now you lost me…

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Except she was a free seasonal unit and I think the only time they have given us a seasonal free unit with a prf weapon was Young Minerva.

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Feh players: IS should release colored bows/daggers that would be really cool
Also feh players: colored bows/daggers suck because colorless is strictly better

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That’s what IS gets for listening to their fanbase.

Next time they should know better and just release units that powercreep previous units and/ or have large breasts. That seems to be their bread-and-butter

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I mean you say that like it doesn’t work

Here’s the thing about anything “free”:

Free means catering to the lowest common denominator which is OP paste-eaters and boobs.


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