How do you classify a servant as either Quick, Arts or Buster?

So I was watching a stream yesterday and it was being argued what constitutes a servant being classified as either a Quick, Buster or Arts. So the example given was Enkidu, they have a quick deck (3 quick cards) with a buster noble phantasm and the host argued that it was a buster servant because of the noble phantasm. So this made me wonder what actually classifies a servant as either quick, buster or arts? Is it the deck or is it the noble phantasm? So if you consider Enkidu a buster servant because of the noble phantasm would you also classify Super Orion as an Arts servant? I saw someone else mention that it was weird that Melusine was classified as an arts servant even though her default NP is arts but can change to buster. Where does that leave Space Ishtar? What is your criteria?

Same Sisthar is also art servant. That’s her default which you can change to another type.

Yep, NP is what tells if a servant is Quick, Arts or Buster. NP also tells what kind of servant they are aka support or not.

This is also how Gamepress have categorized the servants, meaning based on their NP.

Thus Jeanne is arts supporter. Though her deck also got many arts cards.
Thus Jalter is buster stand alone. Though her deck also got many buster cards.

Edit: Suddenly it hit me! The next “new” idea from DW will be a servant whose NP changes, not only in card type but also in ability! 3 different NPs, a different NP at each ascension where one NP attacks the enemies, another defends team and last one weakens the enemies.


Wherever their primary damage comes from. If they have a support NP that boosts their facecard then whatever allows them to make a card brave chain is their color, otherwise if their NP is their best damage then that is their color.


The big card calls the shots

And whatever context they’re used in I guess


So thing that confuses me is Super Orion, he has a triple buster deck with a non damaging arts NP. So he would still be classified as arts anyways?

By order of priority.

  1. NP
  2. Cards
  3. Skill


  1. S.Orion np is art but.
  2. Has 3 buster card.
  3. His skill is made for buster crit or just crit in general.

Conclusion: S.Orion is Buster servant


I had no idea this was even a conversation out there.


The reverse is true for zerkalot. Quick np, buster deck. I personally view Enkidu as buster and zerkalot as quick since when I use them, I’m primarily looking to fire off their np’s to best effect and would support Enkidu with merlin and zerkalot with skadi. If I was planning to use face cards primarily, I might reverse that designation


Us internet dwellers like an argument for argument’s sake sometime I guess :fgo_insane:

Re:topic, It’s not the servant; it is the support you would naturally bring to buff the servant :fgo_bigbrain:


İmo its depends on which one makes servant do bigger damage/more useful for the servant.
For example carmilla got buster np but triple quick so if you using her for anti female damage bring merlin but bringing as a star gen then a quick buffer like osakabehime would be better.

Personally I think of some characters as fusions.

Like Enkidu that has 3 Quick cards and a Buster NP, I would consider Quick/Buster.
Super Orion I would consider Arts/Buster

The NP is definitely quite important, but similarly if a character has three of the same card type then that’s also quite important and I don’t think either can be ignored.

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I’ve always looked at it as “which type dominates their deck?” including the NP and intending to go for chains, with a side of their skills.
If, for example, someone has a QAABB deck and Buster NP, then I would consider them Buster. However, QAAAB with Buster NP is Arts. If they have a self-boost towards a certain type, then bonus points.

I mean, if we want to get really particular for classification, then we can adjust the fusion method I brought up so that whatever card they have 3 of in their total kit is the first card type mentioned, and then whatever they have two of is mentioned after.

In which case Enkidu would be Quick/Buster
Super Orion would be Buster/Arts
Emiya would be Arts/Buster

I maintain that Orion is not a Fusion of anything because his NP being Arts doesnt really matter


Ryou’s stream before switching to LB6 shilling

It’s based on which support you use to bring the most out of your servant.

Super Orion uses his 3 Buster cards to do big damage so you pair him with Merlin/Koyan, so Buster.

Enkidu’s big damage comes out of his NP, which is Buster, so again you bring Merlin/Koyan.


What’s Melusine classified as then?

Both right?
Or would she be considered a Buster Servant since that’s where she’s technically more relevant now?

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She is both but for farming she is 99% of the time Buster.


It’s usually their NP; however, if their non-Buster NP is trash and they have a Gorilla deck that does all the work, then I’d consider them a Buster servant.

Spishtar is an Arts servant because that’s her best NP. Her Quick is passable, but it doesn’t DSS like DCS, so I won’t call her a Quick servant. If she loops DKS, then I’d call her a hybrid Arts/Buster.

While Emiya can change his NP type for 1 turn, he’s still pretty trash.

In what universe?

Koyan reducing his cooldowns makes him incredible, and even without her he has 3T 100% stargen/crit up to go with his strengthened NP and 50% card up.


Spishtar can DSS loop with a Waver at NP2 and any 50% battery Buster Servant with a CD of 7 or less on their battery is a DKS looper.

Also Emiya is a good Servant just not a farmer so I don’t know why you think he’s trash. His primary play is crits, the fact that you can loop his NP with the upgrade is just a bonus.