How do you classify a servant as either Quick, Arts or Buster?

His Arts NP is so broken that he is a Koyan looper as long as Wave 1 has 3 enemies.


If you’re brute forcing 3T a 50% self-charge Servant with superscope and 3x +50% chargers, that’s not really DSS / DCS looping.

Might as well say that superscope Summer BB is a “DSS looper” at that rate.

If you have Waver you don’t need a Superscope to DSS loop with Spishtar at NP2 you can use DSP instead since she refunds 25-30% with overkill. That’s the difference.


Ah, OK, like Zerkalot? Thanks for clarifying.

It depends on what their most optimal play style is. Super Orion is pretty clearly buster because you wouldn’t bring Tamamo or castoria for that one arts card. I would say servants like QSH are much more difficult to discern especially now on JP. With what we have in NA, his best team is double Merlin followed by Merlin waver making him buster focused but on jp you could bring castoria. I still think he’s buster focused though since double Merlin would outperform any castoria variant in terms of damage and the only reason to bring castoria is to protect the team from pierce invul.

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Same. When I came to the thread I was sure it was regarding the lore or something :ak_laughinglappy:


Arjuna has many arts cards but his np is buster so it’ll be lit if he could change his np type too

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Isn’t it about what the servant does?
If they make others do better and/or able to cover the weaknesses they are support. If said support is spesific for a card type we call them that.
If they are DPS then FGO categorize them in a few ways. What are their primary way to do damage? S.Orion is a critic-buster machine and so is Jack.

That one hit NP tho :fgo_gudako:

but this brings me back to another thing about arguing Enkidu as quick is just for argument’s sake. Arjuna has a buster steroid, so he is firmly a buster servant. Similarly, Enkidu’s s1 always buffs buster. Arguing Enkidu is quick is like arguing this DPS has no personal steroid 50% of the time


You are misunderstanding the meaning of priority lol. Number 1 priority means most important and most determining. Facecard and skill set is of a higher priority for determining the servant than NP, especially if you use buff Orion as example.


NP is the most important thing a servant can have. A servant can only have 1 np card this is why I put a lot of weight into np. in s orion case the scale is tipped to buster cuz of his skill n cards.