How do you coordinate for raids?


I can´t afford to wait 45 minutes waiting for somebody to turn up.


Discord App, search facebook for groups made for your area and ask if they have a discord channel


I use multiple facebook messenger groups for different areas that I typically have time to raid. Ask the next group that you see raiding if they have either a facebook or discord group and join. I mute the channel and then check when I am ready and available to see if anyone else is raiding somewhere close.


My hometown uses Messenger, the city I mostly work in uses a mix of Discord and Messenger.


In Singapore, virtually all silver eggs will have large crowds waiting for their hatch.


In Jakarta, Indonesia the most popular waymis using WhatsApp
Some group starting using Telegram now, but the majority still using WhatsApp group.


My group uses WhatsApp. My area has Facebook groups as well, though those have been slightly less reliable in my experience.


Our community is sizable, but raids will typically not get done unless they are planned in advance. Just showing up rarely works.

Initially, we used Facebook (including messenger groups), to organise raids but those tended to be messy. A Discord server was later developed and that took over as the primary platform, mostly because it was so much easier to compartmentalise. FB is still used to some degree though, particularly by a few highly localised segments of the community.


In Toronto, any tier 5 in the core areas (mainly downtown or on Yonge Street even not downtown) will have 20+ people at hatch. Downtown will have extra lobbies within 5 minutes after hatch for latecomers if the boss is desirable.

Otherwise we have a discord that many people partake in. Mostly helpful for people not in the area to see when raids are reported and make their way over. Also great to get 100% iv Pokemon or rare spawns or research tasks advertised.


I use Facebook messenger for both of my city’s raid groups. It works about as well as you’d expect, and we typical get a dozen+ for a T5.


Our area uses Discord to coordinate quite a bit - raids, community days, Pokémon spotting, EX Raids, etc.


We have a pretty vast Discord network that goes around the suburb-y area raiding. And in Chicago when there’s raids at major landmarks at good times, you can pretty often get enough people without any coordination as long as you’re there at hatch.


I’m a strong player with a 50 mil account and a level 39, too. Not too bad getting stuff started in my city using discord and going to popular parks. However, right now I’m visiting Lubbock, TX which is a formidable college town (a regional city,too) and this is the kind of gym activity I can see…this is 1 mile from the college campus


No one else has mentioned this, but in the Philly area, we use Telegram. Used to have a facebook group, but the 250 person cap meant the admin had to flush people regularly. Telegram has a 1000 cap, so plenty of room for hard core and serious and casual players. There’s about 15 gyms in the Media (a town) area, and I can usually find enough people to do any good raid on a given day.


I never see anyone doing raids in my area. It may be because is a small town/city of only 30k people. I walked to a rayquaza raid yesterday around 5.30 and nobody turned up again.

Off course if you go to downtown Madrid there is no need for coordination, you just turn up and there´s always loads of people in the lobby.


For small town/rural play, you need to build a network of players that you can raid with. Hopefully several more than you need for any given raid, since not everyone will show up every time. Once you make contact with a few other players, hopefully it will snowball.

Try creating a facebook messenger group, and posting flyers at gyms and key pokestops with information on how to join the group. Maybe a few people will jump on the bandwagon, and they can help spread the word. Good luck.