How do you deal with salt and the burnout?

So I just used my last 30 SQ to try for Gil but no dice, little salty tbh since Gil would’ve made farming a bit more tolerable. I haven’t even gotten a decent SR in ages and the game’s becoming less and less fun since I’m running out of units to play with/build. I think I’ve hit that ever present soft paywall.

I think I also messed up by rushing through the story since now I don’t have anything to do aside from the farming and GilFest is just exacerbating that issue. The mats are nice but without any good units to build it feels like I’m just grinding without a goal and the burnout’s steadily getting worse.

So how do you deal with these problems? I considered taking a break but I might just forget about the game entirely lol. Have you ever stepped away from the game for a period of time? Did it help or did you just end up missing some events?


For dealing with salt, usually just do dumb stuff to distract myself, like beating a full Caster Node with an Assassin Team, or start writing/reading on my phone.

Disappointing or downright horrible rolls are part of the game (420 quartz = 0 Saber Medb) and accepting as part of reality helps me move on from it.

About burnout from playing… I still haven’t felt that with FGO like i did with Destiny Child. The gameplay isn’t braindead at the point it becomes boring outside of farming events unless you want it to be. In days i don’t feel like playing much i just go read something instead, it’s not like i’m forced to keep playing.


I’ve personally stepped away from the game a few times, the first time being when I failed to roll Merlin. It’s not a bad idea to take a short break for a while and see if there’s an event you that interests you. FGO always produces a lot of content which keeps pulling me back :slight_smile:


Well…if you want goals for your farming, there ARE four wellfare servants coming up. Maybe you can save up XP for them. Then there’s also a wide range of low rarity servants that are worth leveling and some are pretty fun to use.

As for the salt…well its really just being able to accept that its a gamble and you can’t always win. You take comfort in the wins you’ve had, and understand that (unless you whale hard) your success will ebb and flow. For every SR/SSR that you do pull, someone else out there is probably pining for that hard. It’s not the worst. Like I’ve said, there are also a lot of decent FP and wellfare servants that you can turn your attention to.

As for the burnout, it might largely be due to Gil Fest. I don’t know how much you’ve been farming, but I can see how farming several boxes a day can cause burnout. If you want to continue farming to maximize the opportunity, you can space out your sessions. Like farm x amount at 9 am, then again at 4pm, and again at 10 (or something like that). As for running out of units to build…I kind of find it hard to believe that all your servants have maxed out skills. So there’s always that lofty goal to grind for. This may not help right now with Gil Fest locking you to one node, but its something for later.

If you’re really feeling the burnout from GIl Fest, and you don’t really see the need for its rewards anymore, you can dial it down. Rest up and play more casual. Its a game after all. If what you’re doing doesn’t give you satisfaction - immediate or delayed, then what’s the point?


Sleep, only log on, after 1 week , you’re fresh bro


To deal with salt I keep expectations low, usually by not saving sq. Sometimes the servant comes and I’m pleasantly surprised. Other times I miss and shrug it off.

Only time this backfired was skadi. I had an unusually high amount of sq from anniversary stuff and assumed it would be enough and lost my usual low expectation attitude.


there ARE four wellfare servants coming up

I’m hoping they’ll be fun enough to use that they can keep in me invested in the game. Samba Quet and Attila look fun on paper so I am excited for them, I just dunno if I can last till Christmas kek.

I’ve leveled most of the 1-3 stars that are actually worth giving a crap about. I don’t think leveling a unit I’ll never use will make me feel better tbh so I’ve mostly skipped the worthless ones.

For every SR/SSR that you do pull, someone else out there is probably pining for that hard

Sometimes I do think that but then I actually think about it and realize there’s almost nobody who wants Chiyome or Lobo and it just makes me feel even worse lmao.

I kind of find it hard to believe that all your servants have maxed out skills

Very few of them do but I’ve never made maxing skills a priority. I think I’ve psyched myself out into thinking that it’s not worth the trouble after looking at the scaling. I’m usually more than happy with skills just being at 6 or 7 and having serviceable values, unless they’re like batteries or Skadi’s quick buff.

If what you’re doing doesn’t give you satisfaction - immediate or delayed, then what’s the point?

It’s odd actually. I’ve quit playing a few other gachas before for the same reason but I just feel reluctant about quitting this one. It’s probably because its been the most satisfying one with the more well designed events and welfares that are actually good.

Thanks for the advice still.

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Weeelll…if it makes you feel a bit better, I do envy that Lobo pull xD. As for the hesitance to quit…it’s not like you lose anything by stopping a bit (besides your login streak). If you’re getting tired of playing, but you don’t necessarily want to quit, I’d say just dial it down. When you’ve rested for a couple of days, you’ll come to the decision point of either diving back into it or not. Then you’ll know.


That’s an interesting take. Personally, I can’t want something but also not expect to get it. I’ve been pretty fortunate so far since I’ve really only wanted 2 units thus far and I’ve gotten both of them but Gil just seems to be the one that got away for now.


Salt from gacha- you get used to it…I barely feel it nowadays.

Salt from farming- Ranting, GP’s a nice place for it.

Burnout- I don’t get burnout simply because I’m always multitasking and balancing stuff. I watch streams, chat here, watch anime, etc while farming…so it’s kinda like background noise to me. But then again I only farmed like 152 boxes. But I can definitely go further, I just need the GA for X-mas.


Salt from gacha - there’s Salt Repository to rant or humble bragging…

Salt from farming - still Salt Repository for tension release

Burnout - Well Salt Repository is a good place to relax while reading people posting got 5 star and no CE/4 star servants


Salt? easy, just stop caring about it.
Burnout? Easy, simply don’t be burned out
I have never been burned of this game, but you may be by maybe rushing the story instead of having fun with it.
After my first weeks i stop feeling the salt, that how i am

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servants I've gotten in 60 sq or less

2nd enkidu
Lip np2
Yagyu np2
Summer BB

Servant that took much chasing or never came home

Tamamo, many many banners
Waver, many many more banners
Skadi, miss
Merlin, miss
Casgil, required 4* ticket
Penth, also 4* ticket to catch
Gil, at least he sent Helena instead
Semi, miss

Overall, things balance out. Helps that I enjoy the gameplay more than waifu collecting, so I probably can shrug off the misses a bit easier than most to start with.


I deleted my account, got it back, for three months cause I got burned out by then event rush of Setsubun, Valentine, KnK, Saber wars and journey to the west.

If you feel like taking a break, just log in everyday. Don’t take farming too seriously.
Don’t look at other people blitzing and then feel like crap because you can’t do it.
Do not delete your account unless you’re 100% sure you’re done with the game.

As for gacha salt, no offense but what did you expect with just 30 SQ? Besides an np1 Gilgamesh isn’t going to complete change your farming.

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Well, that was my last 30 SQ. The total would be about 300 that I’ve saved up over the course of Agartha to LB2 and from logins.

Well, I don’t really have anything to humble brag about. I’m like ~700-800 SQ in at this point from the story and logins and I literally only have 10 SRs. Half of them are downgrades of the welfares I’ve gotten too.

I’m in an interesting position because I basically like all the servants and roll for all of them.

In another life where I had an easier time with money throughout my life I probably would have been a whale. Instead I try and practice a lot of self-control with regards to money in general. I’m not the best when it comes to self-control in certain places that don’t involve anything that could have an obvious financial impact, but I’m at least good with money.

Since I roll for everyone I’m usually happy with whoever I get and I don’t really get salty when I don’t. When I do get salty it tends to last for a few minutes until I get back into the game. Usually when I’m getting someone it’s a pretty lucky deal because I never really have much SQ on hand, and whenever I miss someone I can just say “well I didn’t have a lot of SQ to start with anyway”. The only ones that tend to make me salty at all are the ones that I roll for consistently across multiple banners and never get like Jeanne, Okita, Kiara, and Waver. But then the salt stops shortly and I just say “If they don’t want to come, that’s fine, I have plenty of servants already. I won’t put as much into these servants going forward, they’ve had their chance and they’re not interested. I’d rather work with those who are more interested in helping me.” I originally got this idea that servants choose their masters via rolls from a 4chan post which I saw really early on, maybe before I even played the game?

NSFW Language

As an ultimate kind of salt-inhibitor, I tend to live with the belief that I will eventually have at least one copy of all servants before the heat death of the universe and I like to let things come in good time. Now whether or not that’s true or they’ll shut down the servers or never give certain servants a banner ever again - I can’t know. But the belief alone brings me extra peace.

As an extra note, I think that if I whaled hard to get someone and struggled I’d probably be more salty with this game.


Well, that’s certainly an interesting view on things. I don’t think I can apply it personally since I can never really see the units as anything more than just a gameplay element, even if they are fully fleshed out characters in other media. In regards to the Da Vinci quote, you can just call me Anakin Skywalker since I see through the lies of the developers as that just being a “Sorry, better luck next time” kind of deal so I can’t really find any solace there either.

Still a very interesting take, though. I didn’t realize anybody even thought of it like that. Thanks for sharing.

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When it comes to gacha salt, I just distract myself entirely from the game after I tap out the AP bar.

I either go to a Twitch stream or on Netflix or maybe shoot hoops.

I guess when I get burnout from the game, or RL stuff happens, I just pop FGA to autofarm nodes to at least use up the AP bar.

Nowadays, I can’t even get game salt because RL salt is starting to be worse now because 2020 is still a thing.

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For me it’s levels of awareness. Orwell called it “double think” to believe two contradictory things at once, but I think it’s actually very useful to believe different things at different levels at different times.

Like I mentioned before, I can’t have actual knowledge about the end state of who I will get and who I won’t. I know that at a fundamental level. But because it is useful to believe that I will eventually have all servants, I choose to believe it as a general statement. When it’s more useful to treat that like it’s true, like when using my actual lack of knowledge as a deciding factor on who I should roll for next, I use it like that as well.

I know that they are ultimately gameplay elements. In the ways that it is useful to only acknowledge them as that, I do. In the ways that it’s more fun or more useful to treat them as something more, I do that as well. For example it’s better to treat them as gameplay elements and this as a game when I am attempting to control spending, but it’s better to treat them as actual people after the results of rolls. It all depends on the situation.

As long as you can have enough layers of protection between your beliefs - usually based on what you’re allowing yourself to focus on any given time, blinding yourself to the alternative interpretation when you need to. It doesn’t matter if “from your point of view the Jedi are evil”, I’m just saying if you choose to move your focus around you can leave your own point of view behind when it’s useful.