How do you do dragon gifts at the roost?

Just curious about how everyone distributes gifts to their dragon roster. Participation is not required, of course.

  • Max one dragon, move to the next
  • One dragon per day
  • Spread it across multiple dragons each day

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As for me, I stopped focusing on the 4* gacha dragons since I maxed them out. Some of my 5* has reached max, and I even gave the little 3*s a bit of love, though none of those are maxed yet. I do scatter the gifts around, just because.

When I get a new dragon I clover them to 15 to immediately unlock the dragon story.
Then each day I pick which dragon I like best out of those who like today’s thing and aren’t maxed yet and give them all 5 gifts.

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I usually just give gifta until the dragons hit Bond Lv 25 and leave them. When I get close to the amount of Sunlight Ore to MUB a limited Dragon I Clover the Lv25 ones I need to and go for it.

all the way up to 30 and then I get my fragment and move on to the next one.