How do you even summon?

After countless tries and fails for Nian, I’m here questioning the way I pull for banners. My bad luck aside, I always went summoning a bit at a time each time i had some orundum to spare. Am I doing wrong? Should I just save up a bit before summoning, maybe the game counts things differently if you summon consecutively and your chances increase? Or it doesn’t matter at all!
Well anyway, I will start from today saving up for a week and summon on the last day for Nian all together, but let me know your thoughts. Thanks :pray:t2:

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Urban legends.

There are no rituals or things one can do to improve the chance to pull rare operators.

Its all about probability

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I immediately pulled when the maintenance done…
(sorry about my bad english)

Well I usually click the “Headhunt x1” and hide in my pillows to cry knowing I’m gonna get Kroos.


The Headhunting system is a cold, heartless machine that sometimes screws with the odds in order to gather data on human suffering. You have been chosen as one of its many victims.

But in all seriousness, the only thing that changes the odds for any given roll is the one 5* guarantee per banner and the pity system.

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The odds are obviously predetermined but that doesn’t mean you are powerless and can’t influence your rolls and luck at least a little.

Nian’s a little different because her banner has it’s own separate pity count. So the only thing you can really do there is save and hope or spend. If you didn’t save before hand and aren’t spending, your odds of getting Nian aren’t great. I think someone did the odds, and a 50% chance was around 100 pulls.

If you’re serious about changing your gacha habits though, here’s a checklist to consider for other banners:

  1. Start counting the pulls between 6 stars. The pity meter starts adding 2% at 50 and because of this you’re never likely to go over 70 pulls between 6 stars.

  2. Plan ahead. Baring the odd change, we’ve been following CN on the release of new operators: banner list. And for the regular pool, think about the previous few banners for who is likely to be due a return.

  3. Be wary of breaking pity on rate ups you don’t want. Try your best to stop rolling and start saving somewhere between 25 to 40 pulls without a 6 star. That way you can hit pity on your chosen banners.

  4. Don’t waste orundum. I know that every banner comes with a guarantee 5 star, but if you have a built squad then start asking yourself if it’s better to skip banners entirely to give you more chance at those you really want.

  5. Don’t roll for single units on regular banners. On regular banners, a specific 5 star unit has a 17% chance of appearing and a specific 6 star unit has a 25% chance. These odds are really not in your favour, so wait for banners where their are multiple units you want on rate up. (edit - new unit banners have 25% 5* and 50% 6* odds, the best you’ll get, and are worth considering to solo roll for)

  6. Have a target list. Either a big one so you can roll more freely, or a small one so you can think about really focusing your rolls to try to get your waifu or whatever.

  7. Accept that you can’t always get everything you want, the odds will always go against you at some point. In most cases the best you can possibly get is a 50/50 chance of it going your way.

  8. Be wary of chasing and gambling. Trying to beat the odds with lucky feelings and one more purchase is a disaster scenario.

  9. If you are going to spend, set yourself predetermined limits to prevent over spending.

  10. Give your pity breaks a chance. Try to find the units you pull on support and test them out. They may not be what you wanted, but it’s possible they’ll grow on you and become worth building anyway.

Remember, Jessica’s the sad cat
This was a public service announcement from the gacha gambler anonymous association GGAA or Good God! Aak x2


This is a pretty solid chunk of advice. I just recently put together a list of the operators I’m still missing, and what out of those I actually care about getting. When I sat and actually thought about them each, the list was surprisingly small - down to four 5-stars and two 6-stars. So there’s probably quite a lot I can skip.

I’m 11 away from hitting my pity mark, which probably means I’ll be skipping two or three banners and then pulling for Bagpipe.

Yep, me too. I want three:《 Nian, Bagpipe and W 》. I don’t really mind about all the rest. I mean, maybe I will try the guaranteed 5​:star:pull on some of the other banners, but I care only about these 3 units. So I’ll try my best to save more orundum and tickets for the other 2, since Nian is slowly getting out of my reach :pensive:. Still hoping to get her though, I will try until the end!

To put that point in perspective, I’m pretty ruthless with my list selection.

At the moment there’s only 1 six star on it, Saria (I only have 7),
and 1 future 5 star, Shamere (I only have 28 incl. the freebies).

There’s a bunch of others I’d be happy to have, but keeping the list so small helps me focus my rolls. Still even then, I only roll if the odds seem to favour me.

  1. Don’t roll for single units. On regular banners, a specific 5 star unit has a 17% chance of appearing (25% on new unit banners) and a specific 6 star unit has a 25% chance (50% on new unit banners). These odds are really not in your favour, so wait for banners where their are multiple units you want on rate up.

I disagree with this, at least in terms of new unit banners. I agree that rolling for specific 6 stars on Standard Pools is a bad idea, however rolling for 6 stars that are on solo rate-up is by far the easiest way to pull them. New units never appear in shop, so after their solo rate-up is over it can be very difficult to get them. For example, I have a friend who’s been playing on CN since launch, and when they got the Bagpipe solo rate-up, he skipped it because he didn’t think she would be good. Of course, as we now know, Bagpipe turned out to be meta-defining, and so the next time she came around on rate-up, (the most recent numbered banner on CN iirc) he spent $200 trying to get her, and failed. If he had rolled on her solo rate-up, he would have had a very good chance of pulling her, but because he skipped, he missed out on her entirely. On solo rate-up banners, you have a 1/2 chance of getting the rate-up unit. These are literally the best odds you’re ever going to get for a specific unit, so if you want them, a solo rate-up is by far the easiest way to obtain them.


You’re right. That’s my oversight. I wrote it without the brackets first, then though about including them after. In general the rule is valid but new unit banners, particularly for 6 stars, would be the exception.
I’ve edited it now to reflect this.


So here’s some advice from a player who comes from one of the saltiest gachas out there (FGO), where we get a Limited Unit Banner every Event or so with maybe one or two exceptions. Actually just this past few weeks we’ve had 3 super salty banners in a row :fgo_skadismug: :fgo_ishtaridgaf: :fgo_jeannu:

First off, save as much as you can for a target that you really want. Pick a favorite and stick with them, splitting your rolling funds down the line will only lower your chances, and this is especially true for AK where your chances of getting a UR increase with each subsequent pull after the 50th

FGO and AK operate on very different ends of the spectrum. FGO hands out rolls like Free Candy, but the gacha system basically means you can end up with not a single gold card if RNG decides that. On the other hand the pity system in Arknights makes it so you’ll be able to get a 6* eventually, but rolls are much more scarce

Remember that most of the units in this game are general pool, so you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting them down the line as spooks, or you could simply acquire them from the Gold Certificate Shop if and when they appear there. If you’re dead set on a particular target, I suggest saving enough rolls to hit pity 2-3 times

Budget out your Orundum so you’ll always stay above your intended number of rolls. So for example if say I planned to save 110 rolls for the Summer Rerun for Schwarz, I’d keep track of how many rolls I’d have by then if I skipped every banner. Then I allocate any remaining rolls to other banners along the way.

Another thing that you can do is to hold off on rolling once you get close to hitting your pity. At that point seriously consider the banner you actually want to hit it on, that’ll increase the amount of chances you have to get them

Lastly don’t roll the guarantee on every banner, roll on the ones that have units you particularly like or want to use. Attempting to hit the guarantee every time will just leave you with scraps come your target, so keep a tight hold on your budget and plan accordingly

Now if you want something a bit more culty, here’s what you can do

Draw a Pentagram in White Crayon on a piece of paper, make sure do draw a circle counterclockwise

Place three unlit candles at different points in your room.

Pace your room in a circular motion, going clockwise from corner to corner, while lighting each candle. If a candle is already lit, blow out every second candle you come across, if it isn’t then relight it

For every candle you blow out, do a roll (doesn’t matter if it’s a single or a multi). Repeat this process until you have either pulled your target, or have run out of rolls. For the latter just cry yourself to sleep and drown in salty gacha tears


Thanks for the advice :grin:. I will prepare myself better for W’s banner then following this method.
I usually go for the guaranteed anyway on a banner that I don’t find interesting because many times I got some off banner units that I wanted, for example: I got Ptilopsis on Nightingale banner, GreyThroat on the current Ch’en/SilverAsh banner, Shining on Mostima banner, even got my first Ch’en dupe on Blaze banner.
So even with the rate up, if I found so many off banner, I tend to try my luck with the guaranteed. I will be more careful from now on, maybe I could save a lot in the future if I stop trying getting off banner ops :joy:

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No way man, FGO definitely does not hand out lots of pulls. Also the scumbag devs made the absolute dick move of including CEs in the gacha. No way to farm pulls like in Arknights. Imagine if you could use your apples to farm SQ.

Not to mention zero pity whatsoever, servant with stupidly contradicting skills and NPs, ■■■■■ you for spooking me Arjuna) 24+ hour maintenance ON RERUNS, forcing you to gacha for event CEs to make event farming bearable while maintaining your life and worst of all, the devs practically gave us the middle finger when we asked for NP animation skip.

I don’t know why I’m still playing that game anymore. Just needed to rant.

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Actually it does

We get way more apologems than AK does, and have more time between targets to save. Not to mention additional rolls from events, the shop, and Story and Free Quests

Yeah, that’s why I said opposite ends of the spectrum.

Apologems galore but all of them can pretty much be garbage

That’s why I never try to 100% an event outside of ones with Gems

I rarely roll outside of intended targets even for CEs

That’s fine, the whole reason I moved to AK was cuz I heard the gacha system was pretty good. If FGO ends up not working out for me I have this game to fall back on

Arknights gives 700 (daily mission) + 500 (weekly) + 1700 (anni) which is 2900 GUARANTEED per week so pretty much 5 rolls if you count the few scraps of orundum remaining after previous summons. FGO has 1 roll per week with weekly mission… And whatever scraps DW randomly decides to throw at you. That’s not even counting monthly user card for AK which adds 200 per day and orundum farming which can add at least another 200.

I have no idea how you can say FGO gives more rolls, not to mention they give us apologems. They have to mess up or undergo maintenance BEFORE they’re willing to give us scraps that somehow make the playerbase accept it. AK doesn’t need that crap since they regularly give us the orundum we deserve.

Also the green certs and yellow certs give a ton more extra pulls and mats without busting our asses farming for that last 5 proofs to max skill/ ascend servants. On that note, GUARANTEED drops nodes and material crafting are a Godsend for players.

We get less time to save between banners but that hardly matters when F2Ps can scrounge up a 10 roll every 2 weeks. Again not even counting monthly user card and orundum farming, which can get a 10 roll in around a week and a half.

You can NOT roll gacha for event CEs if you wantbbut the farming is insanely time consuming without them if you want to max NP the event servant and MLB the event CE at the very least . And you can forget about clearing the shop all together without holing yourself up in your room for hours at a time while farming.

Look man I ain’t gonna waste my time arguing this crap with you :unamused:. The amount of rolls I get from FGO far outweighs the amount I ever get from AK within the same amount of time, and you obviously completely and blatantly ignored my other statements :fgo_mhxastare:

I don’t give a shit about crap like clearing shop or whatever. You can take whatever toxicity you’ve got from FGO and shove it, whole point I went to AK was to escape that SaltFest smh


Because you bought it? Otherwise that is literally imposible outside of huge events like Anniversaries or chapter releases. Also I didn’t ignore anything, what do you even mean? I’m pointing out the fact that saying FGO gives more rolls is very inaccurate while illustrating how AK is actually the one that gives out more rolls and is more generous. Which hopefully will save at least 1 person who reads this from walking into that hell.

Fair enough, pretty much the only way us players can change anything about it is by whining and moaning about it to anyone and everyone who can listen. Even if “changing” it is just wishful thinking at this point.

Nope, pure F2P. Not even GSSR

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