How do you guys feel about Durant

Im not the oldest player here by a long shot. I started playing 2 or 3 months ago and not avidly.

But Ive been looking at this 4* Durant. I got what people tell me are better blades (Yasu/Nate) but Im just not interested in their kits or playstyle. Im simple.

How is he anyway in end game. He pushed me pretty far, up to 51 in roy, and though Ive gotten him to tank with the help of Curran and Gleo debuffs, I dont have the overall dps to go further.

Ive noticed that out of all units his dragon transformation is the most devastating as his buffs carry over. I dont think any other unit has one that powerful. His s3, when it goes off, goes off like a bomb. And because of the nature of his buffs, any outside help can bring it up to 125 or so %. When a better buff time print comes out I can see it reaching even higher.

Im failing to see what makes him terrible. A lot of units before him are frail, such as Natalie or yandere rabbit. And the debuffs time wierdly when you stack them fast enough. They never go beyond 50% so sometimes he is running at an 80%/60% increase with no consequences.

He’s definitely strong, he’s just hard to utilize.
The game is built around using skills to i-frame enemy attacks. Durant has i-frames, but very few; this can make his 100%-HP gimmick hard to sustain.
He’s really best in punching-bag scenarios like MG. However, after MG50, the claps become purple, so he will lose HP.
Katana is kind of awkward to use, and you’re not getting combo for Durant’s CE outside of slugfests like MG. Nobu has a combo gimmick in-kit, and she’s awkward too. Katana’s optimal combo is 4c->FS cancel, which actually requires attention to pull off.
To be super optimal, Durant needs Marishiten, who’s limited, or Cthonius/Pluto, who’s only better after several transformations, since he can’t utilize Shinobi’s skill damage buff.

as far as content, high Jupiter has damaging hitboxes with long uptime, and Shishimai and Chronos have long periods of running around between hitboxes.
I can’t speak from experience, but I think the biggest problem is how hard he is to use in most content, not that he lacks damage.

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Yea. Using him is like making every mode, even the basic ones, a hdt. Lol