How do YOU level up servants?

I was wondering what sort of “technique” the other posters here use to level up servants. I typically don’t fill up the entire 20 slots with embers unless I’m using multiple classes worth to try and trigger a higher success rate. Usually I stay somewhere between 10-15 embers+fous and that seems to work pretty well, anecdotally. This works even better during enhanced success rate periods.

Does anybody else do this or are there still a bunch of you with too many embers and you just do 20 every time?


I usually aim for a third of the way up to the next ascension to account for great successes.

I also noticed an auto button has appeared, how long has that been there? :fgo_mashthink:


Depends on if there’s a super succ success up or not, if there is I fill it to half of whatever is needed for max level if possible if not I just do the 20


Depends tbh. Usually I’ll try to leave enough space to absorb a super success, but not necessarily a great success because usually those are so rare. But sometimes I just don’t care. After burning thousands of embers during lotteries and hunting quest, besides being able to max level all of the new bronze servants just from FPs summoned exp… I don’t particularly care about wasting exp anymore.


10 at a time, any time, except during the last couple levels before Ascension or during lottos because that’s a lot to go through


feels like it’s been there before last anni, but I never used it :fgo_insane:

re:topic, I fill it 1/3 of the way through hoping for great success


The autoselect button Since the big engine update last June/July iirc. I don’t use it much


Recently with the increased super success chances, I’ll try to get just a little over half the required levels and hope a super happens and fills the rest. If it doesn’t, I keep repeating halfway gains until it happens.

I have so many new servants, no embers/qp/mats, and only a few days left of this AP discount. I especially want to finish raising Nero Caster before the summer rerun. I’m starting to consider refilling AP but aaagh lotto so close. :fgo_casgilworry:


I use the GP character planner to see how many embers are needed to max level a servant prior to ascension

If it takes 40 or more embers I fill up the entire 20 slots. Below that point I use half of what is needed. If it takes 36 embers I will use 18.

Once I reach less than 3 embers I stop worrying about successes and just finish them.


If you progressively halving the embers needed, you actually get less value.

When there is no enhanced success campaign or when I have too many embers to spare (e.g. right after a lottery), I would just auto fill everything and go back to playing the game.

As for the mathematically-inclined:

When there is an enhanced great success chance campaign, I start with 1 ember, then increase by 1 each time I don’t get a 2x or 3x. Reset to 1 if I do. For 5th anniversary when there is 5x enhanced success rate, I will go even as far as double each time, i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8 etc. This is partially based on the Martingale betting system, which is of course theoretical only and doesn’t work perfectly because of the level cap.

It gets a bit more complicated when I approach level limits. But since I usually level a bunch of servants together, I can do the sequence across all of them: say servant A is hitting the limit and B still has room, I would start with 1 ember on A, 2 embers on B, 3 embers on B (2x success), 1 ember on A, 2 embers on B, etc


I just press auto and go to town :ferdbirb:

Well, I guess I try and see if a Super Success can save me a bit when I’m close to a level cap but that’s about it


Also putting only a third of the needed EXP till ascension (campaign or not)


I used to use the planner, but once I had a good idea how many embers were needed for each ascension I stopped.

It’s quite helpful for newbies.


I’m always careful about super or great successes, so I typically just use 3-5 gold exp at a time and just go level by level rather than tossing a whole bunch at it at once.


I just fill it randomly until the servant is maxed, i didn’t know people made actual leveling plans on how to spend embers.

It gets even worse when we have lottery events since i just fully rely on the auto button.


When you get lucky and have multiple servants you want to raise at once, those embers can disappear pretty quickly.

I’ve had to gradually rebuild my ember stash once March arrived on both accounts after getting too lucky at New Year’s, Valentine’s, and Ooku.

Next year this probably won’t be a problem because I’ll have enough embers to raise servants and enough Mana Prisms to spare even after buying Foumes to increase my Second Archive another 100 slots. I’m hoarding Gold Fous and they’re taking up all the space!


When you’re used to it, it becomes easy to quickly do the math and avoid overfilling.

And in time you learn to recognise situations. For example: when you just ascended at lvl 60, a great success on 20 4* embers is exactly what you need for lvl 70. lvl 50 is 15 iirc (just aim for level 53,33 on the predicted bar). If you don’t get no success, just cut a third on your next fill (rounded-up), so 20 -> 14 -> 10 -> …


I just use all twenty slots for embers outside of campaigns. I never get super/great succ anyway :catpat:


My leveling luck usually ends up pissing me off, giving me great succs only if there’s bronze or silver embers present, so to save myself the trouble and anger, I just fill all 20 slots.


I use the bronze embers until they hit level 20 or so. I’ll use bronze servants up until level 25 with a gold ember or 2 to hit 30 and then after 30 I switch to mixed golds. 40+ it’s class-specific golds with a few other classes sprinkled in to trigger the effect.

Getting the new bronze servants gave me a ton of bronze embers and duplicate servants, so every single servant I have is at least level 15 now just from garbage embers.

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