How do YOU level up servants?

Depends. Usually do a similar tactic to you unless I have excess or if it’s at the beginning of a leveling thing and I know it’s going to take a lot of Exp, though I think the QP cost gains are fairly minimal.

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unless they are servants i purposely roll for, i never level them outside of lotto events. shill haven’t touched illya, miyu, or the lb4 servants (karna included) i got this year. when i do level, it’s always fous first (20 at a time) then exp.

when i use exp, i do 20 at a time unless i’m near the next level threshold and i try to have the distance to that next threshold.

i’m too busy farming other mats and qp to farm exp for every servant i summon. i prioritize the servants i summoned on purpose, and put the spooks and extra rate up servants on the backburner until lottos.


I pretty much just use auto fill every time. I don’t particularly need any of my unleveled servants, so I am not all that worried about taking full advantage of super/great successes. I pretty much just toss all my gold classed embers at whatever random servants I haven’t maxed yet, and stockpile All embers for my next roll target. Silver and bronze embers get auto burned.


I think most people said, during these 3X opportunities I typically go to 10+ filled in case I can hit a Super or Great to fill the rest and save Embers/QP.

For all the new servants we got for the Anny, I concentrate on getting each to Final Ascension and max level once they are all done. With the 7 new Servants, William Tell and Shouni I got recently that is how I did it.


The only new bronze servants I max leveled were Chen Gong (Grailed to 70), Bart (will probably grail to 70), Jason to boost the Argonauts and farm W1 and W2, and Gareth.

The others will wait as I’m pretty stocked on ST Archers, Berserkers and Assassins. I’ll probably get them with lotto embers. They’re all just past first ascension.

I level ONE servant per class at a time, so I could be leveling up to 8 servants at once, saving universal Embers & Fous for the Extra Classes. Fous never have Super/Great success, but their cost increases, so I prefer to use them first. I never use more than 1/3 the embers required to max level, in case I get a Great (3x) success. If I have them, I use the bronze on low levels, up to 1st Ascension. If I have a LOT of embers to spend, I might start at 1/5 or 1/6 the number required to max, trying for a success up. For leveling, the QP cost is basically nothing compared to skill, so I don’t worry that I’m burning a little extra QP in smaller batches.

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Yeah, I’ll normally just fill them up with whatever 20 embers I have on hand, normally at least making an attempt to use them on the most efficient classes. It’s pretty rare for me not to have at least one Servant of each class I’m interested in raising just to spoil them if not to use them, so that’s normally not too hard.

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I burn almost all of my 3* embers. I like to keep a few on hand for when I only need a little bit of exp to ascend but otherwise it’s QP inefficient.

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I only use those when I have between 8 and 12k experience to reach an ascension. Otherwise they get burned for the MP.

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I burn my 3* embers for Mana Prisms and keep about 32,000 EXP in smaller embers for filling up if I get to less than a 4* worth to the next level.

Mathematically, other than the level cap consideration it doesn’t matter with respect to super/great successes whether you use many or a few embers at a time; the probability of supering any particular ember is the same, so your expected rate of return does not change.

What does differ is the variance: if you use a lot of embers at a time, then you go through a lot of embers before getting a super success, and when you do, it adds a large amount. Personally, I prefer steady and predictable to bursty, and so I use small amounts of embers at a time. Super successes will with high likelihood spark for a small number of the rounds and boost those ember groups. Of course, like many others, I keep to about half the distance to the level cap until I’m close.

Historically I would do 1/3 of what it would take to get to max level for them at a time, in case of a great success.

Now I have too many embers and just do x20 until they’re max, I don’t care :catnoworries:


For me, I try with 5 then 4 then 3 and see if it’s triggered then I do 2 or 1. While the other way is to reach nearly the edge of the next level, sometimes it’s triggered though, I don’t know how but it works. Never try 20 slots

I fill 20 unless I max out and can swap in some silvers

Super and great successes are nice but It’d be tedious to fill like half every time

Does filling 20 embers have an effect on the chance of a super or great success?

No, the reason people use fewer than 20 is so that, if they get a super success, the bonus exp is not wasted by going over the level cap. How many embers you use at once has no significant impact in the long term.


Usually i disregard super/great success unless there is a boost to %, then i try to fill up to half of remaining exp unless its 3 or less.

Me? I put the cards.

Then I pray.


To completion.




I used to spend bronzes and silvers on servants until lvl 40-50ish, and then golds until max. Then some dude blabbered that it was waste of QP, I should just use golds and fests/lotteries are the times I should collect my golds. That was 2 months ago? :fgo_mordredthink:

Now I go with 20 if I got enough cards otherwise I do 10-15, especially when I’m close to limit cap. The QP pricing works like CE leveling. The higher the level the more the cost so spending 20 instead of 1-10 saves QP…or something like that. :fgo_rinlaugh: